The higher powers of Cartoon Network have graced us with another peak into the new Powerpuff Girls series premiering in April. One of the highest rated and second-longest running shows on CN, Powerpuff Girls has forever lived in our hearts as a symbol of girl power and now it’s officially back.

Cartoon Network released a clip of the new series last week, but this time they treated us to something a bit different. A song makes all the difference, and Cartoon Network has released a piece of the series in the form of—you guessed it—the new theme song.

The theme song and it’s visuals are very interesting. It takes elements of the old Powerpuff Girls theme that people love so much (especially the narration of how the girls were born) and gives us a fresh take on them for a brand new generation of young ones who need that girl power.

The most interesting thing about the theme is the visuals. It almost reminds me of the process of making a zine. The imagery is static, frizzy, and messy at times, but it flows like the process of cutting, pasting, and putting together the zine to get the final product. The contrast between the black and white images mixed with the girl’s signature pink, green, and baby blue colors are actually pretty stunning. It gives it a sort of bubblegum riot grrrl quality feeling for a new generation.

The theme song very much captures that bubblegum riot grrrl vibe as well. Performed by the surf-pop band Tacocat, they’ve created a new sound for this generation that will grow up loving hopefully both the old and the new Powerpuff Girls. The song grows on you, maybe not on the first listen, but the second or third. I found myself humming it a couple of times. However, the song doesn’t exactly feel like it fits. The message is very clear and the girl power is there and ready for action, but there’s something about it that feels a bit … off.

Being a kid who grew up with the original Powerpuff Girls’ theme song, I can’t help but have a few mixed emotions. It’s very different from what we already know, but it also might (or might not) be a step in the right (or wrong) direction. It depends on how this Powerpuff Girls truly tries to shape itself into this new generation while trying to appeal to the generation who grew up watching.

How do you feel about the new theme compared to the old? Did you expect this at all or were you craving something just a little different?

If there’s one thing you can definitely say about the new Powerpuff Girls, it’s going to be quite a change.

The Powerpuff Girls premieres in April on Cartoon Network.