A good way to distract us here at WWAC is to send us off to Polyvore to design outfits, or give us an avatar creator so that we can recreate ourselves in all our digital glory. Our latest find is Le Bouletmaton by Boulet and Zanorg. The former is a French artist whose work is slowly being translated to English and proved to be a fun read. It features a somewhat curmudgeonly  main character who occasionally struggles with interacting with children. The results are quite amusing for the young reads the comic strips are aimed at, as well as myself as a parent who totally gets those moments where having adorably loving kids around that just want to play and have fun with you is way more stressful than it ought to be.

Zanorg is a mobile app company that prides itself on creating “genuinely stupid games since 2002.” Their portfolio includes Piou Piou contre les cactus, Bloody Games, The Stupidizer, and our new toy, Le Bouletmaton:

The problem with all these avatar creators is that they often don’t properly reflect who we are. Unlike gaming character creation where the goal may be to create a character that looks nothing like you at all, the intent of an avatar creator is to recreate yourself in the respective style. That’s not always as easy as it seems thanks to a lack of diverse options. In some cases, that is simply the nature of the creator. If we’re using the Peanutizer, then of course we’re going to look like Peanuts characters. We made adorable Chanrio avatars, but there’s no reason why there should not be more skin tone options. Le Bouletmaton suffers from this limited skin tone issue as well, but it gets a lot right when it comes to diverse body types and facial features.

“It had more body options than I was used to seeing–like I could make my round full face and there were bigger/round bodies too, so I liked that.” — Kate Tanski

“I really like the different face and facial feature shapes. There was a nose with the bump in the middle! Not just the cute, little perky Barbie nose!” — Ginnis Tonnik

Many thanks to Assistant Editor, Claire Napier, for this fun find.  She felt confident in sharing it with us because of its variety of looks, however, she adds, “Bit of a shame you can’t not look… Sardonic?”

What do you think? Are you ready to Bouletmatonize yourself?