The X-Files revival premieres this Sunday, January 24th, on Fox, and Gin and Kate are extremely excited! But there’s always cause for concern when a beloved pop culture artifact is rebooted or redone, so Gin and Kate sat down to discuss ten hopes they have for the revival.

1. Scully interacting with interesting women.

Gin: Scully often felt like “the exceptional woman” of 90s X-Files, which at the time we were so thirsty for, but in today’s age, there need to be numerous exceptional woman on the show who are competent and smart.

Kate: And women who aren’t white. The X-Files was very white in the 90s.  Kumail Nanjiani had a shameless campaign of self-promotion to get on an episode–and it worked! So I’m hoping for a more diverse cast overall, and badass WOC.

2. Scully being badass.


Kate: Gillian Anderson is an expert at running in heels and kicking ass. I want it. I need it. Or just telling Mulder to shut the hell up works, too.

Gin: Yes, but we have to compare those lower, thicker, sensible 90s heels to today’s. She has been shown on set in sky-high, thin heels not the sensible pumps of 90s Scully. Already, her outfits are much more bodycon when compared to her boxier 90s suits. It really shows you how fashion on television has changed:

I mean they both look ah-mazing, but I can’t imagine either one of them will be running after bad gals and guys as much in those, much tighter outfits.

Regardless of costuming, I do love when Scully has to rescue Mulder because he’s gone and done something stupid and impulsive.

Kate: I love Scully/Gillian Anderson’s new aesthetic. All the Femme!Scully please!

3. The Lone Gunmen.

Kate: I watched their spinoff and was devastated when they died. I want that retconned and the band back together.

Gin: I didn’t watch the spinoff, but yes they need to be there, as does Skinner…and possibly shirtless Skinner.


Kate: You know, when the show was on the air, I was too young to really get the whole Mitch Pileggi Estrogen Brigade thing, but I so get it now.

4. Do we really have to say it? Mulder and Scully kissing!

Kate: I waited 7 seasons for the first real, romantic Mulder and Scully kiss. I did enough waiting during the 15 year hiatus. I want it. I need it. If Chris Carter tries to retcon their couple-ness I will throw things.

Gin: But not too much. I like the hint of it and the occasional displays of affection, but I don’t want that to overshadow Mulder and Scully solving paranormal and supernatural crimes together!

5. Any episodes that involves Mulder and Scully going undercover, especially if it as a suburbanite couple (see “Arcadia,” Season 6, episode 15).

Gin: In general, I love when partners go undercover in shows, but seeing Mulder relish that sort of roleplay while Scully humors him just tickles me.


Kate: One of my favorite episodes, definitely. Longsuffering Scully is real. And I’m also curious if we’ll get to see domesticity at all–real or roleplayed.

6. Humor and a little campiness.

Gin: Since this is a short series, I am concerned that by not having the space to experiment, that we will miss out on some of the best episodes of 90s X-Files which were always, for me, the more experimental ones like “The Post-Modern Prometheus,” “How the Ghosts Stole Christmas,” etc. There’s a silliness and irreverence that runs throughout X-files, and I really appreciate that. 


Kate: Those episodes were often one-shot throwaway episodes, too. I know this revival isn’t long enough for that, but they should still strive for more self-awareness and fun than the movies gave us, surely?

Gin: Let’s hope so because the movies were my reference point for this hope–the movies were always just so serious, and a show like X-Files needs some brevity.

7. That Pacific Northwest aesthetic.

Kate: They went back to Vancouver to film, and I am so excited to see the X-Files back where they belong–in the grey, overcast, never sunny haze.

Gin: Not to mention, I love the way in which The X-Files calls back to Twin Peaks via the Northwestern aesthetic, the superstition, and the moody music.

Kate: Mark Snow is back for the music, and I want my theme! No remixing. I want it pure.

8. Monsters!

Gin: While the governmental conspiracies are certainly intriguing, I want a good old-fashioned monster episode like the terrible Flukeman (which we don’t need a picture of!), or Tooms, or remember the doll from “Chinga”? She would say “I want to play!” in that extremely creepy way (which I can replicate, mwahaha).

Also, that’s totally Jen Pringle from Anne of Avonlea.

Kate: Creepy monsters–or people who were the real monsters–were always so much more creepy fun than mythology episodes. That was one thing that second X-Files movie got right.

9. Talented guest stars.

Gin: While Mulder and Scully and the supporting cast are excellent and all have such good chemistry, one of my favorite things about watching the series now is seeing which guest stars show up who are currently famous or later go on to be famous (remember a young Seth Green in the very beginning of Season 1?). I hope we get some good, surprise guests, as well as some old favorites.

Kate: I will also be a little sad if I don’t get to play Canadian Actor Bingo now that they’re in Vancouver again! Especially if Callum Keith Rennie isn’t there, because CKR is always my center square. After he guest starred twice on The X-Files as different characters, they had him back for the I Want to Believe movie in 2008, and then he went on to be part of David Duchovny’s Californication.

10. Closure.

Kate: I’ve been a fan of this series for over two decades, but I also want the series to end–at least as much as anything ever ends. I want to walk away after the sixth episode feeling satisfied, knowing that if this is where we leave it, that’s okay.

Gin: So not anything like seasons 8-9, kay? Thanks!