Happy Wednesday, gaming lovelies! Congrats to all the Extra Life heroes who together raised more than 6.7 million dollars for the Children’s Miracle Network. Special thanks to folks sharing their personal stories, like Sean Rooney (warning: you will cry if you click that link), to remind us how important these hospitals are to sick kids and their families. Now on to the news!

Play as a female solider in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

Happy Veteran’s Day! After years of having to play as men, female fans of the Call of Duty series are now able to play as a female operative. Even better, the game developers wrote a singular, gender-neutral game script.

A bidding war over movie rights to Zoe Quinn’s memoir

After a battle between studios and TV outlets, Pascal Pictures has obtained the rights to the upcoming memoir of game developer Zoe Quinn. Known for creating the game Depression Quest, she came under fire when an ex posted a series of blog posts that went viral, sparking the beginning of Gamergate.

Creating a realistic female body for Hellblade

For those who love process (Me! Me!), the latest update on how game studio Ninja Studio is working hard on creating a realistic female human form for their upcoming game, Hellblade, is spectacular. My favorite is the side-by-side of model versus actual person. Be warned that some of the images further down are NSFW so peruse with care.


That’s it for this week! I’m back to PAX East ticket watch. Til next week, happy gaming!