Hello, gaming lovelies! The countdown to PAX East ticket sales and Fallout 4 begins. Anyone else with anticipation energy? In the meantime, let’s see what gaming news happened this week.

Detroit Detroit trailer released but the “Kara” tech demo is a must watch

Back at GDC 2012, Quantum Dream showed a tech demo of a new engine they were building. Fast forward to 2015, the concept has now become a full fledged game. Although the announcement trailer is stunning, the original tech demo is a must watch. The companion behind the scenes video is worth your time too.

MIGSAttention female devs: win a pass to the Montreal International Games Summit

The amazing folks at Pixelles are raffling off passes to the November 15-17 conference which offers all kinds of professional development opportunities for game developers. If you’re interested, act fast as the entry closes November 7. Good luck!

Sexism in e-sports

Sexism and the lack of women in e-sports is not necessarily news. This piece tackles it from a different angle; that of a female coach for a South American team.

Extra Life’s 2015 Game Day is Saturday

The annual 24-hour gaming for charity event is almost here! There’s still time to sign up and raise money for hospitals in the Children’s Miracle Network. If you’re not down with gaming at home, many game stores host events, so call up your local store and help support sick kids.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZS7WRl7N1Ig?list=PLNnHMW1NZWP0VBrtgtwMGYd8WWC4col70]

That’s it for this week. If you’re having a tough week, check out this older “I’m a gamer” video of a little girl. Seriously, watch it now. It will warm the cockles of your heart. Until next week, happy gaming!