As self-identified and unabashed geeks, costumes aren’t something limited to Halloween for most of us, but it sure does make it extra fun! For this month, lifestyle celebrated this readily available excuse for playing dress-up with a series of how-to’s, as well as general thoughts on costuming.

Ginnis Tonik_Kitchen Witch's Champagne Cocktail

A rosemary infused champagne cocktail from this month’s Drink Your Comics.

First things first, you should definitely get caught up on your Halloween history with guest writer, Steph F. Hawk’s “This is Halloween, Part 1.” Follow it up with her quick and dirty historical overview of some of the most iconic symbols and traditions of our contemporary Halloween.

Another guest writer, Olivia Kelly, returned once again to show off her DIY costuming skills with not one, but two kid’s costumes: Finn from Adventure Time and Hunter from the Destiny video game. Also, check out her Groot costume from last year. Another geek Mom, Melinda Pierce jumps in with her own geeky DIY kid’s costumes with this month’s Mom N’ Pop-culture. Birdi Lulu revisits her family history of Halloween costumes, DIY and store-bought with “From Princess to Ash: Navigating my Childhood Halloween Costumes.” Looking for more adult fare? You can also get your DIY on with Desiree’s Beauty and the Geek: Halloween Homemade Masquerade or try Kate’s Knit Your Comics for this month: a DC Bombshell Batwoman inspired hat.

If you are anything like me, you are probably trying to scrounge up some last minute Halloween eats or drinks for various parties and get-togethers. Try Annie’s Secret Six Layer Dip for a quick and simple party dip, then get your cocktail hour on with our witch-inspired cocktails.

Or if you are looking for a good spook, check out our WWAC True Stories about some unexplainable incidences from our own lives.