A Mighty Girl Nicole Ticea16-Year-Old Girl Develops Early-Stage HIV Test

Canadian high schooler Nicole Ticea has developed a low-cost, early-stage HIV test that has the potential to save and improve lives all over the world. For her efforts, Nicole has won the 2015 Intel Young Scientist Award. Learn more over on A Mighty Girl.

Prominent Activist Diana Sacayán the Third Trans Woman Recently Murdered in Argentina and Keisha Jenkins 21st Transwoman, 18th TWOC, Murdered in US This Year

Amancay Diana Sacayán was found dead in her home Tuesday. The building’s owner, responding to calls from friends worried because she had missed the 30th National Women’s Meeting in Mar del Plata, entered Sacayán’s apartment and called police, who are questioning witnesses. They are treating her death as a homicide. Sacayán’s death is the third killing of a transgender woman in Argentina in the last two months.

Keisha Jenkins of Philadelphia was found murdered last week. She is the 21st trans woman and the 18th trans woman of colour murdered this year in the US. Jenkins’s friend, activist Cherno Biko, spoke to HuffPost Live about how Jenkins’ death is affecting the community.

The Problem with “Leaning In”

Political philosopher Nancy Fraser discusses her new book, Fortunes of Feminism: From State-Managed Capitalism to Neoliberal Crisis, with the New York Times. Fraser says that “lean in” feminism is essentially neoliberal, and that what’s needed is “leaning on each other” feminism, where we work together to tackle structural inequalities.

“For me, feminism is not simply a matter of getting a smattering of individual women into positions of power and privilege within existing social hierarchies. It is rather about overcoming those hierarchies. This requires challenging the structural sources of gender domination in capitalist society — above all, the institutionalized separation of two supposedly distinct kinds of activity: on the one hand, so-called ‘productive’ labor, historically associated with men and remunerated by wages; on the other hand, ‘caring’ activities, often historically unpaid and still performed mainly by women. In my view, this gendered, hierarchical division between ‘production’ and ‘reproduction’ is a defining structure of capitalist society and a deep source of the gender asymmetries hard-wired in it. There can be no ’emancipation of women’ so long as this structure remains intact.”

Emma Watson Is Asked If She Is a “White Feminist”

According to Emma Watson, she may be a white feminist but she’s not a White Feminist. The actor and activist was asked in a Twitter chat, “are you a white feminist?” It’s clear from her response that Watson is aware of the criticisms that have been leveled at her feminist praxis, both at He For She and her personal activism. But is she a White Feminist? Well, that’s not for a white lady—neither she nor me—to say.

And speaking of-

Hillary Clinton and the Problem of White Feminism

Hilary Clinton has been touted by some as the US Presidential feminist candidate of choice, but hers is a centrist, corporate, white feminism. At HuffPo Politics, Sikivu Hutchinson looks back on Clinton’s candidacy, popular support, and the women left out of her platform: women of colour. 

“Cautiously rebranding herself as a ‘practical’ progressive, Clinton touted family friendly policies, an end to mass incarceration (motivated by the challenge she’s gotten from Black Lives Matters activists), subsidized college tuition, universal pre-K and defense of women’s health as bread and butter issues she’d fight for. In a nod to her traditional base, she attacked the GOP theocracy’s vicious assault on Planned Parenthood.

Yet, as the economic climate worsens for communities of color, generalized white feminist shibboleths on women’s rights won’t cut it for women of color. For example, the Democrats’ narrow focus on income inequality and equal pay for equal work (a half step that would exclude women who work in low-paid historically female jobs) ignores the massive race/gender wealth gap which separates white women and women of color.”

Where Are All the Great Female Chefs

The restaurant business is tough for women. Few restauranteurs are women and even fewer make it into the ranks of celebrated “great chefs.” Certainly there are great women chefs, but are they getting the opportunities and recognition they should? Well, probably not, considering the low level hum of sexism and toxic masculinity in many kitchens. Broadly investigates.

Famous Quotes the Way a Woman Would Have to Say Them During a Meeting

Alexandra Petri at the Washington Post translates famous quotes into that special language, Woman In A Meeting. Here’s a sample:

“Man: ‘Give me liberty, or give me death.’

Woman in a Meeting: ‘Dave, if I could, I could just — I just really feel like if we had liberty it would be terrific, and the alternative would just be awful, you know? That’s just how it strikes me. I don’t know.'”