A British company is using 3D printing to make prosthetic hands more affordable for folks with limb differences.

Now Open Bionics has unveiled their new super hero designs for kids, which include an Iron Man inspire hand, a snowflake Frozen inspired hand, and Star Wars Lightsaber inspired hand. As a 2015 Disney Accelerator program company, Walt Disney Company is donating creative team time as well as royalty-free licenses.

Open Bionics arm designs

Aside from providing affordable hands, the company hopes to inspire confidence and hope for kids who need to do normally boring tasks like physical therapy. According to an article from The Independent, Open Bionics CEO, Joel Gibbard, hopes to have them available by the end of the year and to keep the cost per hand at less than $500.

Special kudos to Open Bionics for showing Sydney with an Iron Man hand. If I was bionic, I’d want an Iron Man hand too.