Happy Wednesday, gaming lovelies! Fall brings us the the new television season and big movies. This year, I’ve noticed an influx of game companions, for example The Martian and Heroes RebornI’m tempted to check them out, but I’m not sure. If you’re playing a tie-in game, let me know what you think.  Now, on to the news!

Lesberation a hit at the NYU Game Center No Quarter exhibition

A new tabletop card game by Leah Gilliam was a hit at this year’s No Quarter exhibition. One of the goals of the game is to build empathy by introducing people to a lifestyle they might not completely understand. There don’t appear to be many details about the game. Fingers crossed we’ll keep hearing more.


BioshockWhy are so many mobile games disappearing from the App Store?

A new year, a new operating system for Apple devices. Unfortunately, the new upgrade for iOS 9 made some of the most popular games including Bioshock, Back to the Future, and The Wolf Among Us incompatible. While the bigger studios are working on updates, there are some games that might not make it to the next level.

osterskov_larp_schoolA Danish school uses LARP as an educational tool

Using LARP as a way of immersion, a Danish boarding school is teaching history via interactive adventures.

Jessica CurryCo-head Jessica Curry pens an emotional goodbye to The Chinese Room

In an emotional letter, Jessica Curry writes about leaving the game studio due to personal health concerns as well as the ongoing industry-wide sexist attitudes she has encountered. Although she will continue to compose music for the games, she’ll be working on new adventures outside of the game industry.

That’s it for this week! Until next week, happy gaming!