If you’ve been following our articles for a little while now you’ll know we love comic themed food and drink. If you’re spending the weekend outside enjoying the not-as-cool-as-we’d-like weather, come back to a great recipe from Annie for soup and sandwiches, survival style.

CYC-sandwich-and-soupOctober 2, 2014, Cook Your Comics Gotham Academy Survival Sandwiches and Soup,

Fall is finally here. School is back in session, and the weather is getting cooler. I find fall energizing because here in Texas, the summer is so oppressively hot that its end is greeted like spring is in places where it’s freezing and snowy all winter. At my house, we get excited about “cold weather food,” the recipes we love, but just don’t want to eat when it’s 95 degrees outside. READ MORE

Need a movie recommendation to go along with your soup and sandwiches, peruse through the Staff Movie Picks for October 1, 2014,

annabelle movie posterAnnabelle was introduced during The Conjuring – the doll has a custom box in the occult museum Ed and Lorraine Warren keep in their home for all of the haunted items they’ve brought back during their long career as paranormal investigators. There is a short scene in the beginning of the movie that shows us the demonic doll and the two young women she is tormenting. Annabelle is briefly released later on and threatens the Warren’s daughter.

Annabelle focuses on the doll’s earlier history. John (Ward Horton) picks up the doll as a gift for his pregnant wife Mia (Annabelle Wallis). Soon after, a terrifying event leaves the couple grateful for their lives. Yet, they are unaware that the doll is now home to an evil entity, and that’s when the real horror begins. READ MORE

Looking for a new book series to start, stop by Christa’s review of Child of a Hidden Sea, September 30, 2014,

18490629Like so many adopted children before her, Sophie Hansa is curious about her biological parents. But when she finally decides to track them down, she gets a little more than she bargained for. For starters, her mother wants nothing to do with her. But even more startling is the discovery that her parents aren’t really from this world at all. At least not this world as we know it.

After her mom blows her off, Sophie happens upon a woman she recognizes as her biological aunt being mugged. She goes to intervene and finds herself transported to Stormwrack—A parallel version of Earth and her family’s true homeland. What makes Stormwrack unique from our earth is that it’s made up of island nations rather than continents. I really enjoyed this concept. It was a world built for sea-faring, epic voyages, pirates, and swashbuckling adventure. However, because Sophie is new to the world the reader experiences very little of it. I would have loved more descriptions of the different nations, what they were known for, and how they interacted amongst themselves. READ MORE

Spider-man Loves Mary-Jane, Marvel Comics, Writer: Sean McKeever Artists:Takeshi Miyazawa, David Hahn Colorist: Christina Strain, 2005 - 2007Last, but not least, finish off your weekend with Katherine Tanski’s Teaching Comics Part 2: The Amazing Spider-Man, September 30, 2014,

This is part two of my retrospective/nostalgia journey through my time as a graduate student teaching comics in the “early days.” Part one, my love letter to Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics can be found here.

At the time that I was teaching introductory composition, the Big Thing in my field was (and still is today in the more progressive first-year writing programs) was the inclusion of multimedia or visual texts, and my colleagues approached this in a variety of ways. Some employed advertisements, magazines, or other print genres, while others focused on maps, photography, or fine arts. I went the comics route, as I had just gotten into comics and they were new and exciting to me. In the grand tradition of university instructors before me, I had decided that if I had a choice, I would rather read fifty essays about something that delights me personally than ever read another annotated bibliography. READ MORE