Do you ever wonder if you still love the same things you gushed over two years ago? In September 2013, the WWAC Staff put together a column of some of the things they were loving called What’s Hot. Let’s see if any of their picks are still Hot today…

rp_satanic-rites-dracula.jpgYou might have picked up the hints, reader, but let me confirm – we, your contributing team, are women! Women writing about comics. We share this shocking fact in the hope that publicly being Real Nerd Girls might help you/us/everybody forget anybody was ever surprised that people could like things that weren’t made, specifically, for them.

We don’t want WWAC to be cold objectivity, impersonal passive voice. We want to sing loudly and proudly about what in comics fires us up, and how that interacts with other parts of our lives! And we want to connect with you. Hey, what do we have in common? Get to know us better!

So this is What’s Hot?, our monthly check-in re: what’s floating our boats right now. It might be comics. It might be artisanal coffee. It will probably be a scientific development from Megan P at some point. Go! READ MORE

September 23rd is Bi Pride/ Bisexual Visibility Day. On September 24, 2013, Megan linked to some articles/discussions with news, commentary, and things,

Welcome back to News & Things! Today it’s all bi everything, in honour of yesterday’s Bi Pride/Bisexuality Visibility Day.


Why are the Fall’s LGBT Movies Going Straight to DVD? discusses an unfortunate trend in queer film distribution.

Bi Political Leaders Blazing a Trail for Others
Ellyn Ruthstrom on five notable out bisexual U.S. politicians.

Book for Kids Raises Eyebrows Over Young Gay Character
Kids book Better Nate Than Ever, featuring a teenager exploring his attraction to boys, received an “extreme caution” rating from a reviewer; faced parental backlash. READ MORE

Fast forwarding to September 25, 2014, here’s a fascinating roundtable on Growing Up Popculture,

Beyonce VMAs 2014Recently, Janet Mock, a writer, cultural commentator, and transwoman, opened up on her blog about claiming a feminist identity. What sparked Mock’s recent claim to and stake in feminism was Beyonce’s 16-minute performance at the 2014 MTV VMAs where Beyonce boldly proclaimed herself a fe
minist in giant, lit-up letters while she stood in the foreground. Prior to this, Mock had never felt feminism was hers to claim. Considering that certain forms and representations of feminism are still mired in racism and transphobia, a black trans woman not feeling feminism was ever “created for or by” her is not all that shocking. READ MORE

And to finish off the weekend, enjoy Multifarious: Which Inspires Awe, September 27, 2014,


Photo: Sasha Arutyunova

This photographer:

Absolutely stunning photographs of people, places, things. I follow Sasha Arutyunova on Facebook, Instagram, and her website. In an age of constant BuzzFeed articles telling me which “10 Photographs Will Inspire Awe,” and “25 Pictures That Will Take Your Breath Away,” and so on, it’s nice to look at an artist’s work as an entire collection and really absorb the way in which they present the scene to you.

Arutyunova’s work varies widely in its subject matter and setting, but I find all of her images to be emotional and contemplative. She is a Brooklyn-based artist (by way of South Florida, by way of Moscow) who finds something worthwhile around her consistently. She also has created some fresh promotion photos for bands and actors and movies. I highly recommend a trip over to her site.

— Al Rosenberg READ MORE