Labor Day Weekend 2015 marked my fourth year of attending Fan Expo, Canada’s version of Comic-Con. It also happened to be–in my opinion–the most intense year yet, what with several well-known celebrity guests packing the North and South Buildings of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

Over the course of four days, I managed to stop by a few of the celebrity Q&As in between wandering the exhibit floors and the lines (oh, the endless, winding lines). Missed out on Fan Expo? I’ve got your panel highlights right here.

Dark Matter cast (SPACE, Thursday, September 3)

Dark Matter cast at Fan Expo 2015
Cast members Alex Mallari Jr., Jodelle Ferland and Anthony Lemke came down to talk about the debut science-fiction series (based on a comic book!), and if the completely full room was any indication, they’ve got fans a-plenty.

Questions mostly focused on the cast’s experiences filming on set, getting to know each other, and what they think of each other’s characters and their own. Anthony Lemke made sure to thank fans for their support early in the panel, and celebrated the season 2 renewal with them.

IMG_5246Karen Gillan (Friday, September 4)

I don’t think I believed this was happening until Karen Gillan actually came out from behind the black curtain. 2012!Angel had an out-of-body experience seeing Amy Pond herself.

Bias aside, Karen was just as fun as she’s seemed in interviews for Doctor Who and Guardians of the Galaxy, bantering with SPACE‘s Ajay Fry and the audience about the current science-fiction bent of her career thus far. Her contemporary projects, Not Another Happy Ending and Selfie, were also mentioned, which made me pretty happy, too.

Lots of Doctor Who-related questions were passed to Karen, some from very young female fans who were starry-eyed as they shyly admitted that they loved Karen and Amy. She shared some of her experiences filming her last episode, “The Angels of Manhattan””

“I just remember being so genuinely upset and Matt was in the corner listening to The Carpenters’ “Close to You.'”

And a tidbit from filming the Christmas episode, Matt Smith’s last:

James Phelps Oliver Phelps Fan Expo 2015James and Oliver Phelps (Friday, September 4)

While I didn’t make it to their fellow Harry Potter stars’ panels, I did have a great time at James and Oliver’s Q&A. Both of them are funny, though in a different way than Fred and George Weasley, and interestingly enough, it felt like that was a particular tension in the room that they punctured quite early on. In fact, when they were asked how people react to seeing them, Oliver explained:

“Normally we hear ‘You’re a lot taller than I thought you were.’ Also ‘your hair isn’t red–my life is a lie.'”

The audience, many of them Harry Potter cosplayers in full robes and brandishing wands, had lots of questions about the movies. Oliver and James shared stories about the pranks they’ve played, a favourite fan encounter (spoiler: the fan was Kobe Bryant), and what their Patronuses would be (James a hedgehog, and Oliver a sloth).

IMG_5283Killjoys (SPACE, Sunday, September 6)

SPACE doesn’t just have Dark Matter as a new summer hit–Killjoys has also gained a devoted audience since its June premiere. Stars Aaron Ashmore and Tamsen McDonough appeared with creator Michelle Lovretta, walking in to a sea of smiling fans holding yellow plastic waterguns courtesy of the network.

According to Ashmore, the cast sings showtunes on set when they’re not filming, and he admitted to wanting to cosplay as Elvis given the chance. McDonough delighted fans with her choice of favourite episode (9, because of the witty lines), and Michelle Lovretta explained some of the series arcs and what fans can look forward to in the second season.

Hayley Atwell Fan Expo 2015Hayley Atwell (Sunday, September 6)

Despite being exhausted by the time Hayley’s Q&A rolled around, I couldn’t help but feel excited as I spent my Sunday afternoon in line with no less than 40 different Peggy Carter cosplayers. It set the stage for what was a truly lovely and hilarious panel with Hayley, hosted by SPACE’s Morgan Hoffman.

The current Dubsmash wars between #TeamCarter and #TeamSHIELD weren’t far from audience minds, if the questions were any indication, and Hayley described what it was like to wake up to the Comic-Con video from SHIELD that broke half the internet:

Of course, the Q&A then turned to talk of Captain America/Chris Evans:

Hayley also spoke of her life philosophy, and how she and Peggy are similar in their approach to roles and situations:

With a roster of guests like this, it seems Fan Expo is determined to bring a more star-studded convention to Canadian fans every year. To 2016!