While the eager fans of Steven Universe wait for the second half of season two on Cartoon Network in September, there was a very overwhelming, emotional, and amazing overnight sensation that took everyone by surprise. Fans were presented with the extended San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) version of the Steven Universe theme song in all its glory!

The footage has been out for awhile now, but we were only left with really spotty YouTube videos of the theme at the time for the Adventure Time and Steven Universe. Now, it’s in full HD for all your viewing, singing, and giffing needs! Since most of us couldn’t get to SDCC, many fans are seeing the extended theme song for the first time, and everything is beautiful and nothing hurts.

Where do you begin with something so magical? This is something major for a number of different reasons. First of all, the video itself is a combination of the original pilot (updated of course) and the current theme song. And who doesn’t love that theme song? We get a look at baby Steven and Greg, his father, interacting with the Gems on the outskirts of Beach City by their home, the evolution of the Beach House, Steven moving in with the Crystal Gems and our team running on the beach with a montage of events from season one! My highly sensitive Steven Universe emotions ran wild!

A big thing to note, however, is that we finally hear from each of the Gems themselves on why they choose to stay and protect the Earth. Garnet’s reason is to “fight for the place that she’s free, to live together and exist as me.” Garnet’s made of Ruby and Sapphire and who Garnet wants to be for the rest of her existence on Earth. She’s going fight to protect what she knows and loves with all her might and her leadership. Pearl’s reason is “to fight in the name of Rose Quartz and everything that she believed in.” Pearl’s loyalty and dedication to Rose Quartz (as well as her massive crush) drives Pearl to be the type of person that the earth needs. Amethyst says her reason is “to fight for the world she was made in.” Since she was born in Kindergarten, she doesn’t know Homeworld or anywhere else. Earth is her home, and she’s going to protect it with everything she’s got. Steven wants to “fight for everything that everybody wants me to be when I’m grown.” Everyone puts a lot of pressure on Steven (he even puts pressure on himself), but it’s the pressure that he needs to learn more about himself and to fire up the powers inside of him.

The next BIGGEST thing about this extended trailer is what comes right after that. We see the Homeworld Gems and the Crystal Gems face off, but there’s one person who stands out. Who’s that person with the Homeworld Gems between Lapis and Peridot?

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 10.10.02 PM

Could … could that be … COULD THAT BE YELLOW DIAMOND?! We’ve only gotten hints, small talk, a scared expression from Peridot when she reports back to Homeworld, and a wall mural of Yellow Diamond before. When she turns around, that detail in her eye gives so much away, but leaves us with so many questions! Will her gem be in her eye? Could this mean she’s going to be in the second half of the season? Are we FINALLY going to meet the gem that fought Rose Quartz in Gem Wars?! What is she like?! ARE THE GEMS GOING TO BE OKAY?! Urg, Rebecca, why must you torture us so?!

Tune into Steven Universe, coming back in September on Cartoon Network! Bring tissues.