Two instances of very sad news mar this weeks DC Daily Planet, the passing of Leonard Robinson (who most will recognize as the Baltimore Batman), and Yvonne Craig who played Batgirl on the original Batman television show alongside Adam West. Robinson’s passing due to an unfortunate car accident came as a tragic shock. He was famous for having built a customized and functional Batmobile, but his true heroics involved visiting the local children’s hospitals as the famous comic book hero, Batman. Craig had made a name as the first, and original on-screen portrayed of Barbara Gordon, aka Batgirl in the popular television show Batman. Craig’s death was the cause of a two-year long battle with breast cancer.

There’s a rumor afoot that Mad Max director George Miller might be in talks to direct upcoming Man of Steel 2. There may be a tiny bit of truth to the rumor, since Miller was previously contracted to direct a Justice League movie. However the project fell through due to DC/Warner Bros focus on the Dark Knight trilogy (for shame) and the upcoming Superman project–now known as Man of Steel.

Given the lukewarm reception from both critics and fans for Man of Steel, versus the extremely high praise Mad Max: Fury Road, this could be a story of redemption for Superman solo films.

Have you guys heard about the new DC Comics Cafe? If not, well pictures speak a thousand words. Too bad there are only two locations, one in Malaysia and one that just opened in Singapore. Who wants to take a trip with me? Seriously have some more pictures.

Image Source: Instagram user pudinghpl via Popsugar

The DC TV invasion continues with NBC ordering a new series set in the world of superheroes and villains called Powerless. The new series is about a group of office workers trying to live their daily lives surrounded by the chaos of superheroes blasting super villains in and out of their doors. The show is being described as a comedy sitcom, something no other superhero show on the market–be it DC or Marvel–can say the same of. While there are comedic elements found in The Flash and Agents of SHIELD, TV audiences haven’t seen a heavily comedic superhero show since Adam West’s days as Batman. NBC might be taking a risk here, especially given their last superhero investment–the dearly departed Constantine–was deemed a network failure. Still, this could be a welcome change of pace in the superhero television landscape.

Have a new clip from the upcoming DC Lego movie Justice League: Attack of the Legion of Doom!

DC has lifted their marriage ban! Sorta. In an upcoming issue of Sensational Comics ft Wonder Woman #48, the Amazonian Princess herself will officiate a same-sex marriage. It’ll be cool to read about Wonder Woman officiating a same-sex marriage. Too bad it’s not Kate Kane and Maggie Sawyer’s though.

In a final bit of happier DC related news, the cast of the upcoming Suicide Squad film gave each other tattoos to commemorate their time together on set. Hopefully everyone used proper sanitation!