Welcome to our biweekly roundtable of Twin Peaks where we are working our way through every. Single. Episode. Some of us are regulars and some of us newbies, but none of our experiences are the same. So get yourself a damn fine cup of coffee, watch along with us, and feel free to chime in on the comments section. Say anything you like, our log does not judge.

Episode 19: Variations on Relations

annie, cooper, twin peaks, david lynch, cbs, http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/736x/59/6e/76/596e764964bd5e65edd95330b81b2c91.jpgPete is also mourning Josie. It’s easy to forget that he loved her, too.

Agent Cooper’s date with Annie is sitting outside on a sunny day and enjoying nature. That is a good date.

A puzzle motif is developing: Catherine’s lockbox, Cooper says he is “putting the pieces together” referring to Windom’s plan, and the poem Windom distributed was torn in thirds like a very simple jigsaw puzzle.

“A nose is a small price to pay for the greater good.” — Dick on getting his nose bit by the little Pine Weasel.

Ben Horne has been eating a LOT of carrot sticks lately. My best guess: He is seeing the world more clearly, carrots are high in beta-carotene which is good for the eye, so it’s a visual reference to his improved worldview. He also wants the Miss Twin Peaks judges to consider the contestants’ mind, spirit, values, and ideas along with beauty. Plus tie in his campaign to save the forest. He’s come a long way!

Gordonbobby briggs, twin peaks, cbs, http://media.giphy.com/media/Atdqrg0fQXmFO/giphy.gif and Shelly kissed right in front of Bobby. Ha!

In the final scene the cops are investigating the mysterious object from Windom, Agent Cooper says for everyone to get back because it could contain something dangerous, and then he shoots at it. Lol

Episode 20: The Path to the Black Lodge

This episode was directed by Stephen Gyllenhaal, father of Maggie and Jake Gyllenhaal.

Lucy is going to compete in Miss Twin Peaks — You go girl!

John Justice Wheejohn justice wheeler, audrey horne, twin peaks, cbs, http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-gQZzp2jTgDg/TgO3L_3_9kI/AAAAAAAAI6g/rI7jW8Uho2Y/s1600/32-Audrey-and-Wheeler.jpgler’s business partner was murdered in Brazil and he needs to get there ASAP. That is the perfect soap opera wrap up for Audrey’s love story. He keeps saying he probably won’t be coming back, but why not? He has a private jet. Seems like he could come up for the occasional weekend without much trouble. Meanwhile, Ben is more worried about him leaving during the Stop Ghostwood campaign.

Windom Earle previously researched the Twin Peaks woods. It’s strange that he didn’t explore Owl Cave at that time. It isn’t clear if he ever knew it was there until he heard them discuss it through his bonsai bug.

He is fascinated with Dugpas, evil sorcerers that liked conjuring bad things.

Leo squirreled a stapler into his pocket. Does he off Windom with it later or does he have some papers to staple?

Bobby has grown from his experiences similar to Ben. He went from high school delinquent to a schemer to an entry-level businessman and now he’s ready to be a better person. His discussion with Shelly is actually very sweet.

On the flipside there’s Lana, who seems to be marrying Dwayne to win Miss Twin Peaks.

Why do certain peoples’ hands shake in this episode? It correlates to BOB coming back into being, but what is it about those three characters that it would affect them? It happens to Agent Cooper, Pete, and an unfamiliar woman. Is that a random sampling to imply that the whole town is feeling it? annie, agent cooper, twin peaks, cbs, http://media.giphy.com/media/CQ1Lh9iulCIow/giphy.gif

When Coop invited Annie to go dancing I pictured them going to a nightclub and fast-dancing, and the image made me sad. But instead they’re slow-dancing at the Great Northern, and that made me happy. Then The Giant appears and does his best to ruin their date and gives Cooper a warning to stop, which Coop seems to ignore. He is blinded by love.

And now BOB is back.

Note: I did try a rum & tonic after seeing Annie order one last week. It wasn’t bad.

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