Atena Farghadani photograph and cartoon, 2015

Atena Farghadani photograph and cartoon, 2015

Jailed Iranian Artistto Receive 2015 Courage in Cartooning Award

Aetna Farghadani will be receiving the Cartoonist Rights Network International’s annual award for Courage in Cartooning, but will be unable to receive the award after receiving a 12-year prison sentence for publishing a cartoon protesting the Iranian government’s limits on birth control and women’s rights. Even after her initial arrest following the cartoon’s publication, Farghadani has continued to publicly protest her mistreatment and the government’s actions. She is so incredibly courageous, and hopefully this award will bring more attention to her imprisonment. All you ‘je suis Charlie’ folks, here’s a cartoonist punished for speaking truth to power who deserves your support.

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Cover, wrter Alan Moore, artist Kevin O'Neill, publisher America's Best ComicsLeague of Extraordinary Gentlemen Film Reboot Will Be Women-Centered

In a movie that no doubt has Alan Moore grumbling into his beard, the producer of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is getting another film adaptation that will acenter around its female characters. The comic series about public domain literary characters got its first horrific adaptation in the early ’00s, but it seems they’re taking it in a different direction this time. Not sure which female characters they mean, since Mina Harker from Dracula is the only prominent lady in the first volume, but there is no shortage of cool public domain women to choose from! Hopefully this means that the Invisible Man won’t be in the movie at all, seeing as it was his creepy douchebag self was what kept me from finishing the first volume of the comics.

Awesome Colorist Kelly Fitzpatrick Talks About Coloring’s Importance to Comics

Coloring, like inking and lettering, is all too often overlooked when it comes to comic creation. Yet it’s a vital part of the creative process and not only sets a mood to the story but can play a key role in the storytelling process. Kelly Fitzpatrick goes into depth in this interview about her work as a colorist, not only about the practicalities of the job, but also how the color choices and palette are so integral to the final product their contribution can go unnoticed.

Virgil issue 1 cover, writer Steve Orlando, artist J.D. FaithWriter Steve Orlando On Upcoming ‘Queerplotation’ Series Virgil

Noir and revenge stories have a long history in comics, recently notable in the works of Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, but Virgil has me more excited about the genre than I’ve been in ages. The comic, centered around a gay, black police officer in modern-day Jamaica, will be examining and subverting the hyper-masculinity at the heart of these stories, while still providing a rough, rollicking revenge story. I missed this comic when it first came onto Kickstarter in 2013, so it’s thrilling to see Image putting the book on the stands.