Howdy, gaming lovelies! The sun is shining and I’m in game love. I had the chance to play an Ricochet Robots and it has definitely tickled my fancy. Let’s help you find something too with this week’s game news.


Update on #buygamesbywomen

The hashtag started as part of an effort to educate folks on games at GenCon that were created by women. The fine folks at Games by Playdate have started a shared doc to help people find and support games by women.

First gameplay trailer for The Walking Dead mobile game

I have to say I’m a little disappointed in the trailer. The Walking Dead comic and show are about complex human relationships and the game appears to be a blood bath. I hope they’re not over capitalizing on the brand because that would make me sad.



Major games writers share their stories

Three game writers, TJ Fixman, Marianne Krawczyk, and Tom Bissell, discussed the craft and challenges of writing for games. If you’ve ever played a game and thought “I could do way better”, take a peek at their look from the trenches.


BLARP FB noteBLARPing, the business of the future

Okay, so maybe not the future. Why LARP (live action role play) things like epic fantasy battles when you can really get your hands dirty and LARP the fun of working in an office? Yes, it’s happened. A 17 year old created a fictional company where folks pretended to work together. Sadly, much like the real-world, it appears to have ended in dissension.


That’s all for this week! If you loved the old Marble Madness arcade game as much as I did, squee for joy that someone’s trying to resurrect it’s distant third cousin via Iso Sphere on Steam Greenlight. If you want to play it as much as I do, quick go vote for it. Til next week, may the dice be ever in your favor.