Transformers Windlade #5 cover, writer Mairghread Scott, artist Corin Howeel, IDW Publishing 2015

Transformers Creators Talk In-Depth About New Female Characters, Sci-Fi Politics

IDW has just wrapped up a big Transformers event that introduced a bunch of new female characters as well as all the bombastic action that an event comic demands. This interview with writer Mairghread Scott and artist Corin Howell about their work on Transformers: Windblade and all the heavy politicking going on in the Transformers ‘verse at the moment. Literally all I know about Transformers comes from that ’80s jingle about how they’re robots in disguise, but it’s cool to read about the deep science fiction themes that are going on in these books. They can become vehicles AND deal with questions of civilization clashes, you guys.


Battling Boy cover, creator Paul PopePaul Pope’s Battling Boy Gets a Film Adaptation, Same Director as Nimona 

Patrick Osborne, who won an Academy Award for his animated short film Feast, has been announced as the director of a Battling Boy adaptation. The first volume of Paul Pope’s delightful Kirby-like adventure story Battling Boy has spawned a few comic prequels, though I think there is still a second volume yet to come out that actually completes the story. Interestingly, Osborne was announced back in June as helming the Nimona adaptation as well, though it’s not clear if he’s going to be working on both projects or what.  Judging by Osborne’s background, I expect Battling Boy will be animated instead of live action, and hopefully the film retains some of Paul Pope’s distinctive style.


Former Big Two Editor Talks New Creator-Owned Publishing Venture

Interesting industry story here, as Mike Marts talks about leaving his job as Marvel Executive Editor to go start a creator-owned comics publishing house AfterShocks Comics. There haven’t been specific projects announced yet, but big industry names like Garth Ennis, Amanda Conner, Neil Gaiman, and Jimmy Palmiotti will all be working on AfterShock works.  From the way it sounds, AfterShock is going to be similar to Image in that they want to publish a wide variety of genre