Harvey Pekar, photograph taken by Seth Kushner, date unknownHarvey Pekar’s Cleveland Hometown Honors Cartoonist with Park Dedication, Celebration

Known for changing culture’s perception of graphic novels and auto-bio comics, Harvey Pekar was sometimes called “Cleveland’s poet laureate” as his works frequently revolved around the city and his day-to-day life there.  Now his hometown has honored the late cartoonist, who passed away in 2010, with a park dedicated to him and a celebration of his work.

Fun fact: Harvey Pekar once came to a community theater production of Oklahoma I was in.  I was too starstruck too talk to him (and being mobbed by enthusiastic theater teens is a fate no one should face), but I have it on good authority that he really liked it.  Clearly, in addition to being hugely talented, he was a man of discerning taste.

Dept H promo image, pencils by matt kindt, colors by sharlene kindt, 2015Matt Kindt Promises Underwater Adventures in New Series

With MIND MGMT wrapping up next month, Matt Kindt has announced his next creator-owned work will be Dept. H, a 24-issue thriller about an underwater research center.  Matt Kindt will be writing and drawing the work with his wife Sharlene Kindt providing watercolors, and each issue of the series will span one day on the station as the scientists try to escape before their damaged center floods.  It’s so great to see Kindt is going to keep up his creator-owned monthly series after MIND MGMT, and a political thriller set on SeaLab 2021 sounds like my idea of a good time.

A Cartoonist’s Trip Through the Turkic World’s Comic Culture

Cartoonist and occasional Beat writer, Serhend Sirkecioglu, talks about his trip through the Turkic region exploring the comic culture of countries that often get overlooked on the international comics scene.  He focuses on Turkey and Kazakhstan, and the piece is a really fascinating look at countries that, at least in America, are consistently overlooked and dismissed.  Yay to the Beat for publishing this!  I’d love to see more like it.