comiXology appears to be on a roll. Since June, they’ve added five publishers to the mix: Marvel, Dark Horse, Kids Can Press, DC Thomson, and now Lion Force Comics.

PB_cover_8-510x765comiXology has announced a digital distribution agreement with Lion Forge Comics, a digital-first comics publisher known for its growing library of action/adventure, sci-fi, superhero, and children’s titles. Intriguingly, the relatively new publisher appears to specialize in licensing 1980s television shows for comics. I admit I was surprised to find Punky Brewster, Saved by the Bell and Knight Rider as comic book titles on their site. Perusing their online store, there are lots of titles with women, girls and people of color on the cover.

“Lion Forge is absolutely committed to digital publishing and making comics available to everyone, everywhere, no matter what platform or device they prefer, as our motto states: Comics For Everyone,” Lion Forge CEO David Steward said.

Since Lion Forge’s debut in 2013, the publisher has added new licensing deals and several homegrown series to its roster. The deal with comiXology helps the company expand its audience outreach. All currently published Lion Forge comics are live on comiXology, with more set to debut every month in 2015, including an upcoming Care Bears series.