Happy Friday, everyone! I’m back at the reins for the DCDP today, but can we all agree that Desiree has been doing a fabulous job? In fact, she even collected these links and articles for me. Everyone say thanks, Desiree!

DC Bombshells #1 DC Comics Ant Lucia 2015We’ve reported before that Marguerite Bennett, awesome creator and all-around cool person, is working on a book based on the wildly popular DC Bombshells variant covers. When asked about her upcoming series, she calls it a “dream project.” With art by Marguerite Sauvage (who you might remember as the artist behind one of my favorite interpretations of Wonder Woman), this WWII-based book is bound to be a blockbuster.

(See, ’cause that was a kind of bombshell.)

You can read an interview with Bennett here, and be sure to check your pulse after if you aren’t THE MOST EXCITED for this book, because you might be dead. Here’s a snippet:

Can you tease anything about the storylines?
I will spoil the first three pages. Our very first page opens up with this grainy, black and white news reel footage, and it shows this couple and a little boy walking through the city at night, and you’ve got this cheesy announcement going over it, and he’s going, “An innocent family out for a summer stroll…” and then you see a gangster with a tommy gun and it’s all, “Suddenly, danger from the shadows!” Then the terror of the family and then this silhouette of spread wings and then, up above, who is this beautiful bombshell? The dangerous dame known only as…and Batwoman crashes down and prevents the murder of the Waynes, and prevents Batman from ever becoming Batman.

That is awesome. The whole interview is great, check it out.

Speaking of great female creators, Gail Simone’s done it again: she created a diverse line-up in The Movement, created fan-favorite transgender character Alysia Yeoh in Batgirl, and has now included a genderfluid main character in Secret Six.

That’s two in the “awesome” list, what else we got? Oh, a trailer for the upcoming animated series, Vixen? Sure, we got that.

Vixen getting her own series is going to be hard to top, but let’s see what else Desiree found for me…

Oh, yeah. The mother-effin’ return of Cassandra Cain.

Announced at SDCC, DC let us know that Cass will officially return to the DC canon in Batman and Robin Eternal, helmed by Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV, and will “reintroduce Cassandra Cain to the DC Universe… in a very, very central role — she is on of the three leads of this story, her, Dick and Harper Rowe.”

It’s a good week to love DC.

Wrapping up, two other trailers dropped at SDCC: the much-anticipated Suicide Squad and a little something called Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. I’m including them both for you below, with these notes: Suicide Squad looks like it’s going to prominently feature Harley Quinn, to the extent that it’s been posited this will be our first major female-led superhero movie, and BvS includes the first footage seen thus far of Wonder Woman. Ugh, fine, DC, I guess I’ll see them both.

Happy Friday!