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Some toys will never go away, and a classic invention like Etch-A-Sketch is definitely one of them. Today, the mechanical drawing toy turns 55 years old and is still making appearances and getting mentions in today’s pop culture and the media.

Originally invented in the 1950s, French engineer Andres Cassagne came across the idea of a joystik-controlled drawing toy using glass and aluminium powder. His idea was eventually picked up by the Ohio Art Company, who perfected the device. On July 12, 1960, the very first Etch-A-Sketch was produced in their Bryan, Ohio factory.

To celebrate this momentous event, WWAC is getting creative and showing off our own mad Etch-A-Sketch skills. Do we have what it takes to participate in the Ohio Art Company’s Sketch Madness challenge? You be the judge! Or download the app and try it out yourself!