There are a lot of comics that are announced on what feels like a daily basis, but a recent announcement from Dark Circle Comics has gotten me very excited.

The Web. Scripted by Dave White. Art by Szymon Kudranski. Dark Circle Comics.

Last week, CBR published an exclusive interview with the creative team, Dave White and Szymon Kudranski, while also giving us a look at some character sketches by Kudranski. Created in 1942, The Web is about a college professor of Criminology and a mystery writer named John Raymond who fought crime before retiring. The Web reappeared in 1966, as John Raymond Jr.—the original’s son. Debuting in 2016, The Web—like other Dark Circle titles—is a re-imagining of the old series with a new young female lead. As Dave White said in the CBR interview:

Jane is, in my eyes, going to be a lot of fun to follow. She’s 14 years old—a freshman in high school living in suburban New Jersey. She is half Korean, half Caucasian and lives with her father and her older brother. Her mom, who was Korean, passed away prior to the series starting. To cope, Jane has sunk into fandom, and a niche one at that. She’s a huge fan of the Silver Age Web. She writes about him, laughs about him and cosplays as him. She loves the Web, and his crazy history.

Meanwhile, her dad is trying to get her out of her “sit around the house” doldrums and to start stuffing her college resume. He’s playing both Mom and Dad in the family which drives Jane nuts. Jane is kind of a blabbermouth, and while there’s tension with her dad, she’s great with her classmates—kind of a mayor-type at school.

I love all of this. I love that they’re adding a woman of color to the Dark Circle roster, which already has a female lead debuting this month as its third series. I really love that she’s a teenager who is a fan of the old Web and is very into Internet culture and fandoms. I also love that we’re dealing with things like family issues as well as supehero issues on top of your regular teenage drama. This sounds like a book I would love to read, and as a teacher, what White said about teens finding humor even in dark times just added to my excitement. I’m very excited and if the art is any indication of what’s to come, then I can expect a beautiful book as well.

At this point, the only downside is the 2016 release, which feels like one hundred years from now. I definitely recommend reading the interview, and maybe The Web will make it to your pull list as well.