Delcourt, France’s largest independent comics publisher, is taking its English translated comics to Comixology for everyone to enjoy. With more than 150 of their titles already available, six are all making their translated series debuts todayProméethée (a sci-fi where a strange phenomenon occurs every 13 days at 1:13PM), Spin Angels #1 (Vatican Special Ops group), The Curse of the Wendigo (a supernatural tale with the first World War as the backdrop), Josephine (by Exquisite Corpse creator Pénélope Bagieu), Come Prima (two brothers on a road trip), and Iron Squad #1: Red Commando (Russian robots).

I’ve only recently gotten into translated French comics after reading works like Exquisite Corpse, the Last Man series and Margaux Motin’s But I Really Wanted To be An Anthropologist. I plan to check out all of Delcourt’s offerings but as of right now, Josephine #1 and The Curse of the Wendigo #1 have caught my eye. It’s great that Comixology is opening itself to the wider world of comics as they’ve added manga, comics from Graphic India and The 99 series from Kuwaiti comic book publisher, Teshkeel, just to name a few. I look forward to seeing more comics from beyond the North American scene.