Mighty Marvel Monday: Catch-All Catch-Up Edition!

While everyone (myself included) is getting ready for San Diego Comic Con, which starts this week, after which I assume the world (and I) will be forever changed, here is the Marvel movies and comics news from the past week that you might have missed.


It’s good news/bad news/more bad news over at Marvel Studios.

Ant-Man. Marvel Studios.In case you need more motivation to see Ant-Man (and apparently Marvel thinks you do), the Ant-Man post-credits scene allegedly involves a reunion with Cap, Bucky, and Falcon. Me, I’m still holding out hope that the movie sets up Cassie Lang’s eventual ascension as Stature (see what I did there?).

Now for the sad news. Ava DuVernay confirmed that she will not be directing the Black Panther movie, citing philosophical differences, which does not bode well for Marvel’s only minority-led production. Black Panther still won’t be released until 2018.

And for the more sad news, or at least, disappointing news: it appears that despite marriage equality becoming the supreme law of the land, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige thinks that “within the next decade” is an acceptable time frame for putting an LGBT character in one of their movies. Considering the female-led and minority-led productions won’t be out for another three years, Feige’s statement definitely shows how much the studio values those demographics, especially when they went out of their way in a rush to re-obtain rights to Spider-Man and place him in the MCU within a year. Not cool.

Marvel Comics

What is cool are some of the new titles coming out this fall in the Post-Secret Wars universe-smushing fallout.

Here are the three books I will be adding to my Comixology subscription immediately, in alphabetical order:

A-Force #1


Shulkie. Captain Marvel with an undercut. Nico Minoru serving Kiki’s Delivery Service realness. I also want to hug cover artist Victor Ibanez for drawing women who pass the Wilson Test (1. All fully clothed 2. No sexualized poses) which isn’t easy to do. They all seem to have some curves in the sense of softness caused by actual body fat and not implied to be actual muscle. LOOK AT THE PUDGY STOMACHS OF SINGULARITY AND CAROL AND MEDUSA. THEY ARE GLORIOUS.

New Avengers #1



And by boys I mean Hulkling and Wiccan, aka Teddy Altman and Billy Kaplan, aka my favorite LGBT alien/human couple other than the still-MIA Karolina and Xavin from Runaways. I’ve been waiting for Billy and Teddy to reappear, and now they have, and they’re joined by someone who is drawn to look like but who I don’t actually believe is Hawkeye, the incredibly awesome Squirrel Girl, Pixie (fingers crossed it’s the the newly-reconceived-as-queer imaginging from Noelle Stevenson’s run on Runaways), and my favorite bisexual David Alleyne aka Prodigy. The only drawback to this book is the really atrocious artwork, but since it features Billy and Teddy, I’d be lying if I said that was enough to keep me from be buying it anyway.

Ultimates #1


Speaking of my favorite Young Avengers characters recently MIA, I was ecstatic to see America Chavez gracing this promo. Joined by Captain Marvel (who is now on three books that I can count so far, A-Force, Ultimates, and her solo title), Monica Rambeau (a former Captain Marvel, who most recently was going by the name Pulsar), Black Panther, and Blue Marvel, who I just mentioned three weeks ago as being an African-American hero from Chicago, the Ultimates team is composed entirely of minorities, which makes it pretty fucking awesome in my view.


Months ago HerUniverse CEO Ashley Epstein tweeted that the Captain America, Loki, and Black Widow dresses from the Hot Topic Avengers collection would be available on Torrid. When the Cap and Loki dresses came out in May, however, there was no Black Widow, and I was not happy with the backdoor release. Well, the Black Widow dress is there now, and even though this was another backdoor release, at least it was released just in time for me to wear at SDCC.