Women Write About Comics does not tolerate bullying, harassment, or threats of violence. Our staff and regular contributors all sign a code of conduct which forbids such behaviour, and the editorial team in turn works to protect our writers from harassing comments and messages. Likewise, we condemn all threats to other members of the community, including fans and creators. We work hard to make WWAC a safer space for women and non-binary journalists and critics to do their best work, and a safer space for all of our readers to critically engage with pop culture. Of course, we must also rely on the comics community as a whole to respect this space and the work we do, our writers and readers.
We do not tolerate our writers being bullied by creators. We do not tolerate attempts to influence the direction of our work, or attempts to silence us. And we will not be swayed from speaking up — even when speaking up might cause embarrassment for people in the industry. Simply put: do not send our writers bullying, passive aggressive, or threatening messages.