There are some gorgeous Moomin-themed apparel lines out there, and despite misgivings I can’t help but want to bury myself in them and hibernate. A lot of these lines come via Japan, and the latest is no different: Moomins have landed at UNIQLO.

Moomins at UNIQLOI have waved my Moominous flag all over this site before, but allow me to continue. With a little help from Melinda and Al, here’s a wardrobe whirlwind to take you down to Moomin Valley. Some feature the UNIQLO shirts; some just rep the strip’s aesthetic. All are worth a glimpse, I should think. I’ve followed our sets with some illuminating strips, for the newbies in the audience!

Moomins on the Riviera


Moomins on the Riviera strip, Tove Jansson, SnorkmaidenSmall Bites


Little My River Walk


Moomin Inspired


Moomins strip, Tove Jansson, Snorkmaiden
Snork Maiden Grown-Up