It’s with a pretty somber sigh that my first official DC Daily Planet piece has to be about Justice League 3001, and the transphobia within. MJ Feuerborn and Rachel J Stevens have both written in-depth about the transphobia within Justice League 3001 and its depiction of cloned Guy Gardner. Considering this is DC’s second time battling justified accusations of transphobia in one of their books, combined with the new DCYou promotional tagline, it’s been quite disheartening to be a DC fan this week.  But it gets better.

Justice League 3001, DC Comics, J.M. DeMatteis, Keith Giffen, Howard Porter

No really, it gets better. Co-writer J.M. DeMatteis was confronted on Twitter about the issue regarding Justice League 3001 and Guy Gardner’s depiction. Instead of barking back, DeMatteis remained open to the conversation, acknowledging people’s legitimate concerns, apologies for using incorrect language, stated he and co-writher Keith Griffen will attempt to work in – presumably fix the transphobic implications – the concerns of fans, and even thanked fans for their thoughts and point of view.

I do so love when creators interact positively and openly with their fanbase. Taking criticism into account, keeping an open dialogue, acknowledging people’s feelings, and respecting them, over lashing out is what leads to much needed changes in previously transphobic material. Four for you, DeMatteis!

Four seconds later and we’re back to boo, DC, boo. As everyone already knows either by word of mouth or because you’ve spent the last couple days playing the game itself, Batman: Arkham Knight was released this week.

Not only was the original release riddled with various glitches – now fixed – but fans of Barbara Gordon had to experience several instances of repeated fridging fringed upon her character. In three specific scenes Barbara is used as a means to torture the men in her life. Specifically Batman and her father Gordon. The Arkham games have always been dark, and they’ve never been very female friendly. What a disappointment.

In less controveral and ire-inducing DC news, DC is releasing repurposed covers at the upcoming SDCC. I’m all for recycling, but calling these covers exclusives might be stretching it. Though I’d buy that Black Canary band cover poster in a heartbeat. I’m easy that way.

Lastly, DC has partnered with Hoopla to bring their digital comics to the digital public libraries of the world! Well, not all their comics; as of right now that Hoopla users will only have some top titles such as Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Watchman, Wonder Woman Vol 1, V for Vendetta, etc. DC also won’t be releasing any of their fresh off the press books anytime soon via public digital library. Even so, it’s pretty exciting, and opens up their vault to new readers looking to get into some of their graphic novels and hopefully into their other books as well.

So that’s all folks! All in all, not the best week DC’s ever had, but certainly not the worst either. Barbara Gordon continues to be defined by The Killing Joke, but DeMatteis was open and considerate to fans rightful discontent with Justice League 3001. Hopefully we see the change in future.