Chew Volume 1 cover, writer John Layman, artist Rob Guillory, Image Comics 2009David Tennant Added to Chew Animated Series Adaptation

With David Tennant joining the already-announced Felicia Day and Steven Yeun (a.k.a. Glenn from The Walking Dead) the adaptation of John Layman and Rob Guillory’s Chew is rapidly reaching ultimate nerd fantasy casting.  Tennant will be lending his voice to Mason Savoy, partner to protagonist Tony Chu as government agents solving food-related crimes.  An Chew adaptation has been stuck in development hell for a while now, but it looks like Showtime still has the TV rights and is moving toward actually making it happen.  Fingers crossed that Tennant keeps the Scottish accent!  


sdcc-lumberjanes_004_-_sdccNoelle Stevenson Stepping Down as Lumberjanes Lead Writer

Recently announced on Twitter, head writer Noelle Stevenson will be ending her run on smash-hit Lumberjanes with issue 18, and webcomic creator Kat Leyh will be joining Shannon Waters on writing duties.  Lumberjanes is a bona fide sensation with serious sales number on the comic and an animated film adaptation in the works.  I’m hopeful that Stevenson will be announcing a new project soon, she’s definitely been gaining traction as one of the most popular cartoonists in the industry now after Lumberjanes and her webcomic-turned-graphic-novel Nimona.  

Dark Horse Comics Hits Comixology

In what is definitely a big win for Comixology, Dark Horse has made over 800 of its comics available on the digital comics site after years of being the biggest publisher maintaining digital access solely through its own app.  The Dark Horse app is still going to be available, but it seems that by not being on Comixology that Dark Horse was missing too big a slice of the digital comics readership.  While having all my digital reading in one place is super convenient (and I’m kind of wishing I could transfer things from the Dark Horse app to my comixology account), I continue to worry about having one main distributor when it comes to digital comics.  Look at the problems comic retailers have with Diamond for Example A of why a distributor monopoly can be a bad thing.

Jem and the Holograms by Sophie Campbell

Jem and the Holograms by Sophie Campbell

Artist Sophie Campbell Talks Jem and the Holograms, Coming Out Process

Even though I was slightly too young to appreciate Jem when it first hit in the 80s, I am wholly charmed by writer Kelly Thompson and artist Sophie Campbell’s adaptation that recently debuted from IDW.  The art is just so vibrant and fun, and I want to write odes to the amazing design skills when it comes to outrageous fashion and hair styling.  This interview with The Advocate delves into her artistic inspiration and design choices, as well as discussing her coming out as transgender and the comics industry’s response.