Shadow had heard too many people telling each other not to repress their feelings, to let their emotions out, let the pain go. Shadow thought there was a lot to be said for bottling up emotions. If you did it long enough and deep enough, he suspected, pretty soon you wouldn’t feel anything at all.

FROM WIKIPEDIA: “Shadow Moon – An ex-convict who becomes the reluctant bodyguard and errand boy of Mr. Wednesday, an incarnation of the Old Norse god Odin.


Dwayne The Rock Johnson

I don’t like the Rock in action roles or bombastic parts. He has bombast in him, he can perform loudness, but it always feel slightly off to me (like, spiteful?) and his roles end up making me uncomfortable. I’d really like to see him play sad, quiet, slow, despairing, clueless–all of which Shadow is. As I recall Shadow is also bald, but maybe that was projection. Either way: The Rock is often bald, and I picture Shadow bald, so I can see it working.

— Claire Napier

Batista, Dave Bautista, daily starDave Bautista

While I was seriously tempted to list Jacob Anderson, I think he’s a bit too, well, too handsome. I never saw Shadow as handsome, but I did note his deep presence, and I think Dave Bautista could pull that off. (I just implied that Bautista isn’t handsome, didn’t I? It’s not that! It’s just that he’s not a model.) Bautista has shown that he can be both quiet and explosive, both of which will be needed for Shadow’s character.

— Amanda Vail

She patted him on the arm. “You’re fucked up, Mister. But you’re cool.”
“I believe that’s what they call the human condition,” said Shadow.

Jason Momoa, play4movieJason Momoa

I know Momoa is going to be a major Hollywood superstar as soon as Aquaman comes out, but that’s not for a few years yet. There’s still plenty of time for him to do American Gods before he becomes Hollywood’s next action hero, and I feel he’s well-suited for Shadow. What I remember most about Shadow is his quiet, imposing presence. He’s a man whose silences speak volumes. It’s a role that requires gravitas, and anyone who has seen Momoa act knows that he’s capable of that kind of quiet, subtle acting that communicates volumes with only a look.

— Kate Tanski

Michael Ealy, BET.comMichael Ealy

Almost Human was a short-lived but wonderful series and I spent much of my time smitten with Michael Ealy. Not just because of those eyes and that smile and his great sense of humour, but because he can portray such an easy charm in one moment, and such vulnerability the next. I think he could handle Shadow’s naivete and awkwardness, as well as his determination.

— Wendy Browne

People believe, thought Shadow. It’s what people do. They believe, and then they do not take responsibility for their beliefs; they conjure things, and do not trust the conjuration. People populate the darkness; with ghost, with gods, with electrons, with tales. People imagine, and people believe; and it is that rock solid belief, that makes things happen.

So… put your belief behind your choice for Shadow. Make things happen.