tintin image, creator hergePhysicians Publish Paper on Tintin, Because Apparently This Is Science?  In an actual medical study, a group of physicians have produced their paper chronicling the intrepid Belgian adventuring boy’s various injuries and ailments 1930 – 1974, which included oodles of concussions and the occasional chloroform poisoning.  I THINK the purpose of this study was to determine whether Tintin suffered any lingering repercussions from all the head injuries and trauma he suffers?  Turns out he improbably doesn’t have suffer any, because…comics!

French Publisher Humanoids Producing Three English-Language Films  The three films, each adaptations of a Humanoids graphic novel with nary a superhero in sight, already have directors attached and are aiming for a $15 million budget.  The one that is most exciting to me is Bouncer, an adaptation of Alejandro Jodorowsky and François Boucq’s graphic novels set in the Wild West.  More Jodorowsky is ALWAYS a good thing.  If the current trend continues, I anticipate that within 10 years, EVERY film ever made will be based on a comic property of some kind.

Onyx #1 cover, writer Chris Ryall, artist Gabriel Rodriguez, IDW Publishing 2015New Sci-Fi Series Onyx From IDW Lands July 1st   Truly, we’re living in a golden time with the awesome variety of science-fiction comics to hit the stand.  The latest one that’s caught my eye is Onyx, about the titular female space knight who winds up on Earth and tries to save the planet from the same parasitic scourge that destroyed her home planet.  The idea of futuristic sci-fi with medieval influences sets Onyx apart from the other comics on the stands, something that writer Chris Ryall and artist Gabriel Rodriguez explore in this interview with CBR.