If you’ve been sleeping on the Broken Frontier and A Wave New World collaboration Broken Frontier Anthology, time to hop out of bed and get funding.

Ending May 23, 2015, this independent comics anthology promises to deliver mind-blowing art and stories from the fringes of the universe and beyond from over 40 different writers and illustrators. Frederik Hautain describes the theme and goal of the project as “pushing beyond our human limits and exploring the great unknown…above all this project is about underscoring the immense and unlimited story-telling possibilities found only in creator-owned comics.”

Tyler Chin-Tanner isn’t goofing when he calls this project “a creator-owned anthology about breaking boundaries and exploring the great unknown by the most inventive talents in comics.” The line-up boasts some serious talent:

  • Alison Sampson, artist behind the beautiful graphic novella Genesis and a contributor to Mad Max: Fury Road prequel comics
  • Greg Pak, known for many things but perhaps best for his darling partnerships with Jonathan Coulton which resulted in the amazing Code Monkey Saves the World and Princess Who Saved Herself)
  • Amazing illustrator and Turkish up-and-comer Aysegül Sinav (winner of the A Wave New World Scholarship and Dave Simmons Memorial Scholarship)
  • Box Brown, author and illustrator of the beautiful Andre the Giant: Life and Legend.
  • Joshua Hale Fialkov, writer for some big names but most importantly author of Echoes and other great indie graphic novels.
  • Marguerite Bennett, writer for DC Comics, Marvel, Boom! among many others.

This is a great chance to support some fantastic artists and writers in one fell swoop and get some great rewards out of it to boot. For $15 you get a digital PDF copy of the anthology AND your name printed in the “Thank You” section aka “Explorer’s Log” of the book. At the $40 mark you get the hardcover edition of the anthology and all the rewards from the preceding reward tiers.

If you have some cash to throw around you can get some exclusive prints from contributors or your portfolio reviewed by Steve Orlando or Joshua Hale Fialkov. At $250 you get to become a background character drawn by Tom Raney in a story by Greg Pak. That story? Phantom Limb: Ghostpuncher. You get to hang out in perpetuity in the background of a story about a soldier with a kitty friend who uses his spectral appendage to fight evil dead people.

What are you even doing still reading this? Seriously, get out of here! Go now! The release date for the final product is December 2015, so go get yourself (or a very lucky special someone) a really nice seasonal holiday gift.