Did you know that Rihanna’s real name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty? The pop star’s company, Roraj Trade, filed documents last June to trademark a bunch of names which included her first and last:

Fenty Apparel, Fenty Beauty, Fenty Clothing, Fenty Cosmetics, Fenty Face, Fenty Intimates, Fenty Lingerie, Fenty Makeup, Fenty Nails, Fenty Swim, Fenty Swimwear, Boomflick, Fenty Corp, Robyn, Fenty88 and Rhi Rhi.

It seems like the singer is getting ready to put out clothing and beauty lines under the names, which is not surprising given the number of celebrities who’ve trademarked their name for either business purposes or so no one else could sell product under it. And while discussing RiRi’s attempt at world domination in an arena other than music is a fascinating topic on its own, the real reason we’re interested in this is due to who else is interested. DC Comics has has filed an opposition application against the singer for trying to trademark “Robyn.” Robin with an “i” is one of DC Comics’ most well known characters, the sidekick of another very popular DC hero, Batman. DC believes that 1) Rihanna is fully aware of their Robin, and 2) having Robyn out there will confuse consumers into thinking that it’s their Robin being sold:

DC pointed to two of its “numerous” trademarks for the word ‘Robin’ which cover goods and services including comic books and toy figurines.

“Applicant’s mark is virtually identical to opposer’s mark in sight, sound and commercial impression,” DC added. “Based on the similarity of the marks and goods and services consumers are likely to be deceived into falsely believing that the goods offered [by Rihanna] originate from or are otherwise associated with or endorsed by oppose.”

World Intellectual Property Review

According to The Outhousers, Robyn’s purpose seems to be going in the sporting goods and clothing direction so there is some basis for contention since Robin is trademarked for clothing as well. Personally, I’m getting a bit dizzy writing the distinctions between Robin and Robyn but the real question is if YOU, lovely readers, will be confused by Robin and Robyn if the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board ends up siding with Rihanna. I personally would like to have faith in the critical thinking skills of the average human being in differentiating the two but I am just one opinion in the ocean of many.

What do you think? Does DC have legitimate grounds? Would you be confused by two Robyn/Robins?