It’s been a Marvelicious week were at WWAC, so before you go clicking off into the depths of the internet, allow me to give you the Marvel rundown here at home:

Oh, and one more thing:

Agent Carter was renewed for a second season and my fangirl heart is fit to burst with joy. The only thing that is more awesome than Agent Carter getting a second season, in my view, is the #DiversifyAgentCarter hashtag that its renewal sparked. Go read the tag. Seriously. There’s such good stuff in there.

Now for the news abroad!

Marvel Hates Women?

The top story this week, for me, in the MCU is the leaked emails from Marvel CEO Ike Perlmutter to Sony CEO Michael Lynton titled “Female Movies.”

It’s as bad as you probably think it is. Maybe worse.

I like Jessica Goldstein’s take on the emails here, and her list of horrible male-led superhero movies.

Isn’t it amazing that the same week as the Black Widow debacle and these emails, Agent Carter was renewed for season two and that awful-looking Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. spinoff (sorry Bobbi!) was canceled?

The Marvel Universe(s) Ended!

So, Secret Wars is finally out, and the universes, have ended, with the Ultimate verse and the 616 verse colliding. I have to confess I haven’t actually read the comic yet, but I’m very much enjoying Joshua Yehl’s articles about it on IGN. The first one gives a good rundown of exactly what the hell is actually happening, and the second one, which analyzes Hickman as the man driving the Secret Wars bus, is fascinating.

Tumblr Fandometrics

Surprising no one, Age of Ultron was the top movie fandom for the week ending May 4th. I’m curious to see how long it stays at #1. Five of the top twenty, including the top four slots, are all Marvel.

I was surprised to see Daredevil enjoying a month-long occupation of the top 10, debuting at #7 and holding steady in the top five for the past three weeks. Will Agent Carter challenge his undisputed success? Tune in next week!


Top 20 TV show fandoms for the week ending May 4th.

Top 20 movie fandoms for the week ending May 4th.


My admiration and affection for Hayley Atwell and Chris Evans is only compounded by how genuinely nice they seem to be as people, and yesterday they melted my heart with this twitter exchange:


And what artwork are they looking at?


Why, this incredible image by Marie, which you can buy on her Society6 page here.

You’re welcome.