Are you as EXHAUSTED by geek culture as I am today?  Avengers! Star Wars! Free Comics!  Suicide Squad pictures!  Joss Whedon!  And, best of all, fighting about everything!  Sigh.  This nerd renaissance is exciting and all, but I think we all need the movie PR machines to take a few days off.

Let’s talk about indie comic news instead of speculating whether Ryan Phillipe or Martin Freeman would be a better Iron Fist (correct answer: none of them, cast Harry Shum instead).

archer and armstrong promo image, artist kano, valiant entertainment 2015Archer & Armstrong and Eternal Warrior Coming Back with New Series  Valiant has been one of the most exciting publishers since it roared back to life a few years ago when it debuted Archer and Armstrong to a whole new audience.  Now those characters are coming back to their own series along with Harbinger and Eternal Warrior, as Valiant has announced they’ll all be getting new on-goings later this year.

Brian Michael Bendis Interviews Chuck Palahnuik on Upcoming Fight Club 2   Chuck Palahnuik’s novels are hit and miss with me, but the film adaptation of Fight Club is a bonafide classic.  And not just because it features ’90s Brad Pitt in his second most handsome appearance (number one is, and always will be, Legends of the Fall).  This interview is interesting because Palahnuik discusses the transition to writing comics for the first time, especially because Bendis as the interviewer has written literally hundreds of comic scripts.

Penelope Bagieu. Exquisite Corpse. May 2015. First Second. Comics.Penelope Bagieu On Writing Her First English-Language Graphic Novel  Sometimes, you just want to read a comic that doesn’t feature superpowers, and for that French slice-of-life graphic novels are basically the best thing ever.   Penelope Bagieu’s upcoming book Exquisite Corpse, coming soon from First Second, perfectly satisfies that itch with a story about a woman with a dead-end job and a pain in the ass ex-boyfriend, and her illustration style perfectly serves to fill the lead character’s ho-hum life with whimsy.