dragon ball z anime stillBig news for Dragon Ball fans this week!  First, was the news that Akira Toriyama, the manga’s creator, would be writing a new manga series and then today it was announced that he’d be writing the first new TV Dragon Ball anime in 18 years.  While there have been the occasional Dragon Ball movies, the upcoming Dragon Ball Superi is the first on-going TV series since 1997 and will feature the same voice actors that have been playing the characters for 30 years.

2000 AD Announced it Would Be Going DRM-Free For Digital Offerings.  The UK comics publisher was one of the first to hit the digital scene back in 2005, and readers can now download PDF or CBR files for all past and future purchases.

In what might be the coolest comic titles announced lately, First Second Will Be Publishing Box Brown’s Tetris Graphic Novel.  Box Brown was the creator of last year’s Andre the Giant: Life and Legend, and his Tetris story looks to be about how the famous game to be.  The preview images make it look way more interesting than a comic about falling blocks should be.