starkindustrieshottopicHot Topic has a new line of Avengers themed dresses and jackets and I am ordering all of it. ALL OF IT.

But first, this gorgeous Stark Industries jacket. Picture me: bombshell ginger curls, a black miniskirt, much booty, and this kicking retro bomber jacket. Picture us rolling into a con together: greasemonkey Pink Ladies with seamed tights and kicking work boots. Yes. YESSSS.

I have already pre-ordered it.

The new Marvel by Her Universe line, designed by Amy Beth Christenson and Andrew MacLaine, the winners of the 2014 Her Universe and Hot Topic “Geek Couture” Fashion Show at SDCC, and Her Universe founder, Ashley Eckstein, includes Loki, Captain America, Thor, and Black Widow themed dresses, and Black Widow and Iron Man themed jackets. Garments are currently available for pre-order only, at, but will be fully available in “select” Hot Topic brick and mortar locations as of May 12. Will they be available in a mall near you? Only Hot Topic can tell you that. Will they be available in Torrid, Hot Topic’s plus size spinoff? Damn, I hope so.

My first reaction to the line was overwhelming joy. My second reaction was a panicked check of Hot Topic’s sizing chart. Hot Topic is primarily a juniors store and I’m told their sizes run small. Which is fine. For me. Their 2X is said to fit my adult XL body just fine. But it’s less than fine for those of us who don’t lie in the “normal” size range, especially for teens of size, who are stuck shopping online-only, or from expensive speciality stores.

I want this collection, this gorgeous, celebratory, pretty-as-heck collection, to be available to everyone who wants it. I want garments that speak of beauty, grace, and heroism to be available, by default, to plus size women  who are bigger than my acceptably fat, “normal” fat XL body — and at the same price point as sizes XS-XL. Let’s see this Stark Industries jacket in a 3x. That gorgeous Loki party dress in a 5x.

Let’s see affordable geek glamour made truly accessible.