Incredible Indie Tuesday: Two Weeks of Comics Musical News in a Row!

Bringing this picture back, because Mamma Mia-era Dominic Cooper is PEAK Dominic Cooper.

Bringing this picture back, because Mamma Mia-era Dominic Cooper is PEAK Dominic Cooper.

Dominic Cooper Confirmed For Lead In Preacher

We reported on the rumors a few weeks back, but Executive Producer Seth Rogen confirmed on Friday that Dominic Cooper will be playing Jesse Custer in the up-coming Preacher TV adaptation.  The AMC show is aiming for a 2016 air date, and I think a preacher traveling across America with a character named Arseface to find the literal God is the perfect follow-up to Mad Men.  

fun home the musical posterMusical Adaptation of Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home Opens to Rave Reviews

Following its Broadway debut on Sunday, Fun Home, the musical adaptation of the acclaimed graphic novel of the same name, has been lauded by all the major theater critics as one of the best shows to hit the Great White Way in years.  The story centers on Alison Bechdel growing up in rural Pennsylvania and her troubled relationship with her father, an intimate story that is at odds with the big musical bonanzas that have been big Broadway hits lately.  Plus, as a theater-loving queer girl, having a mainstream musical centered on a young lesbian just makes my heart go pitter-patter with glee.  That it’s coming from the awesome Alison Bechdel is so much the better.

Archie versus Sharknado #1 cover, art by dan parent, written by dan parent and Anthony C. Ferrante, archie comics 2015The Cast of Archie Will Meet the Sharknado  *insert joke about jumping the Sharknado here*



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