Happy Friday, crusaders! I am so happy this week is over. Let’s recap what happened with DC, shall we?

In the course of about 24 hours this week, the Wonder Woman standalone movie lost and then gained a director: Michelle MacLaren reportedly left the project due to “creative differences,” which in this case might mean that she wanted to give Wondie a talking tiger sidekick, but was swiftly replaced by Thor 2 director Patty Jenkins. I’m bummed about losing MacLaren, but talk about your pinch-hitters, amirite?

Also, how was a tiger sidekick canned? Have these people never read Wonder Woman?

Wonder Woman Cap

Yeah, a talking tiger is going TOO FAR.

According tocostumer Umberto Gonzalez’ Instagram, Diana will have six costumes for her standalone movie, including a “dive suit” (?) and “the more classic standard costume.” So…star-spangled caboose, or no?

More on the Maid of Might: Lauren Beukes (we read a book by her this past fall!) wrote a “kid friendly, South African take on Wonder Woman,” and I almost exploded with joy just typing that sentence. Beukes continues to say this story will includes:

…some classic Wonder Woman villains like Cheetah and Circe; sisterly rivalry; a self-made kid heroine in Zozo; invisible jets; and the chance to turn Superman into Super Pig.

Pick up Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #9 to check it out!

Finally, of course, the Batman v. Superman trailer leaked online. I have a supreme lack of interest in broody, grim Batman and even less in broody, grim Superman, so I haven’t watched it yet, but if you have, leave your impressions in the comments.

And have a great weekend!