Sometimes you need a project to back where you feel like you’re making a direct impact. Sometimes all you need is pony plushes. Today you can have both! Read on for our Kickstarter pick of the week.

Pony plush beanieIn her Kickstarter campaign, Embroidered Equines, 20% Cooler Pony Plushes, full-time crafter Stephanie P. Widmer, has a simple goal: reach $2,200 goal to buy an embroidery machine to add embroidery to her handmade pony plushes.

Stephanie has been making plushes since 2006 and all are 100% made by her, from patterns to details. The Kickstarter has great photos of her work, so you can get a sense of her craftsmanship. The super cute ball versions of ponies, called Loonakits, are convention bestsellers, and I can see why.

Personally, these are the types of Kickstarters I love. Crowdfunding doesn’t always have to be about the ten thousand dollar game or the million dollar movie. With smaller goals, backers can really feel like they’re making a difference in a small business owner’s or entrepreneur’s project.

Loonakit DJ-Pon3 aka Vinyl Scratch 1Along those lines, in smart businesswoman style, Stephanie is also hosting a giveaway for spreading the word for those who want to help but can’t afford to contribute. If the campaign funds, she’ll draw multiple winners and if the campaign goes over $400 over goal, she’ll add another prize.

Backer rewards span from the $1 level for thanks up to the $600 level for a giant pony. The traditional 12 inch pony comes in at the $150 dollar mark, but Parasprites can be found at the $18 level.