Hold onto your tights, chums! Adam West (aka the best Batman ever, and I’ll fight anyone on that) has picked up the red emergency phone and returning to the cave!¬†And that’s not all: he’ll be bringing with him his young Ward.

(I hate myself a little for typing that.)

It’s not a perfect return: Adam and Burt won’t — sadly — be donning the tights and cowl themselves, but they will be voicing Bats and Robin for a new animated feature celebrating the show’s fiftieth anniversary. My heart grew three sizes this day, crusaders. I love that show and I will watch the heck out of this movie.



And, obviously, the way to most enjoy that viewing would be to do it in my very own Robin-inspired bathrobe, like this vintage one Nerd Reactor is giving away. STEP OFF, IT’S MINE.

More things to be excited about: CONVERGENCE has finally begun, and I am stoked. I’ve been excited for this since the announcement came out, and I picked up #0 this past Wednesday. Which universe are you most excited to see back? For me, it’s all about the Dick/Babs. I AM HERE FOR THAT.

This one guy re-imagined the Carolina Panthers as DC heroes. Taking fantasy football to the next level, y’all!


Admittedly kind of awesome.

How’s your week been, crusaders? Let me know below!