YouTube’s “Sunshine Girl” Heads to Bookstores

Paige McKenzie has announced that her fledgling webseries, “The Haunting of Sunshine Girl” will be turned into a series of YA novels by Weinstein Books, and the first book was released earlier this week. She’s not the only YouTube star to venture into the publishing world: Jenn McAllister (a.k.a JennxPenn) has also signed a deal with Scholastic for “a personal and funny guide to creating successful online content and handling the pressures of internet fame.”

Possible Amazon/HarperCollins dispute looming upon contract expiration

HarperCollins’s contract with the online retailer is due to expire, and rumours abound that the publisher will refuse to sign a new agreement. Without that new contract, HarperCollins books (both in print or digital formats) would cease to be offered on Amazon. Macmillan, Simon & Schuster, and Hachette all signed to the new terms offered by Amazon last year, after a long and public dispute between the retailer and Hachette.

ABC Family breathes new life into the Mortal Instruments

The Shadowhunters are back, despite a lackluster at best response to the City of Bones film, based on the book series by Cassandra Clare. Production will begin in May, but casting has not yet been announced.

Julie Andrews picture book franchise to be adapted on TV

Toronto Catholic District School Board cuts teacher-librarians from schools

#VeryRealisticYA hashtag takes off on Twitter