Toronto Public Library’s Sell Books Program Has Been Scraped

The program was supposed to decrease the wait time for held books by increasing the number of copies while also getting books for cheap ($5) in this time of budget uncertainty, but it seems like more money was spent than the TPL realized.

The library bought just 127 books by the end of February, according to a staff report released Monday. Paying staff to handle the purchase of those volumes cost $2,246. Buying the same number of books through the library’s regular acquisition process would have cost less, [City Librarian Vickery] Bowles said.

It was a nice idea that just didn’t pan out. The City of Toronto, however, really needs to understand the value of its libraries which means financial support.

Controversy Surrounds the “Clean Reader” App

I’m still sorting out this whole thing and where I fall myself, but authors such as Chuck Wendig, Lilith Saintcrow, and Joanne Harris have all expressed concerns over the app. The app essentially replaces or blocks offensive words depending on the type of settings you want – clean, cleaner, squeaky clean, or off – and people are arguing whether or not that diminishes the author’s work. It’s definitely an active choice by those who use the app, and there’s likely to be plenty of discussion and debate in the coming days.

Can Children’s Books Save the Independent Bookstore?

Well, this article believes so. The increased sale of children’s books (especially young adult) are bringing in business for independent Australian bookstores. In fact, two bookstores dedicated solely to children’s books have opened this past December and it’s in part due to the currently popularity of book to film adaptations like The Hunger Games and Divergent. The article is an interesting read, so I’d definitely check it out. Maybe the YA opponents could check it out too.

MGM has acquired the film right to Michaela DePrince’s memoir Taking Flight

This sounds like a great story and it’s perfect for film. I can’t wait to buy my ticket!

Steven Spielberg is directing Ready Player One

I haven’t read the book but people are excited so that’s great.

Other News


The Detainee by Peter Liney will be made into a film

Elvis Costello is writing a memoir

Louise O’Neill’s, Only Ever Yours, wins the inaugeral Bookseller’s YA book prize