It’s been a quiet week at Marvel.

You know it’s quiet when a top story is the fact that there will be no smoking in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Okay, then.

Actual News!

I know we’re all exhausted about this Secret Wars thing, but it’s bring us not one but two all new female led titles first A-Force, which was mentioned previously here, and now Carol Corps, as this exclusive first look reveals.



 My favorite part of this article is DeConnick’s acknowledgment of her mistake with the Banshee Squad, and her conscious correction:

 “When I created the Banshees in the first go round, I did something really dumb,” says DeConnick. “I considered having a black woman be part of the team, and then didn’t because in the real-life air service pilots in World War II, the two black women that applied were turned down because of racism. And I thought, well then, I can’t have black women here either. Even though at the same time I was breaking all sorts of other rules. For some reason I thought it was okay for them to fight giant robots, but having a black woman was too much of a stretch. It’s embarrassing, so when we were talking about bringing these characters back, I had a chance to correct that.”

This is what responsible comic-making looks like.

The other cool thing about Secret Wars is  that it’s bringing us more Skottie Young, and I am all about that. In this exclusive MTV interview Young talks about Giant-Size Little Marvel: AVX #1


 EDIT 03/16/15  3:17 pm EDT

A third awesome Secret Wars thing that I just had to add! Marvel announced via this Entertainment Weekly article the return of Mary Jane and Baby Parker in The Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows.  

ASMRenewThe “tie-in” aspect to Secret Wars can best be summarized by this quote by Dan Slott:

“If all you care about is Spidey, it’s totally cool if you have no idea what’s going on in Secret Wars.”



Let’s all welcome Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. back to the top 20 TV fandoms! And goodbye to Agent Carter, sadly.


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Yes, it’s now two days past Pi Day, but do delicious Ultron-inspired cherry pie recipes ever go bad? I don’t think so.


You’re welcome.