Welcome back to another Mighty Marvel Monday!

This week finds joy in all things MCU.

I probably don’t have to tell you, but just in case–the third Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer, that dropped on March 4th. No spoilers, but I’m happy to finally see some of the actual premise, and more characters.

This was accompanied by news of a 27-hour Marvel movie marathon put on by AMC and Regal movie theatres across the country, including one near me. Talk me out of buying a ticket. Please.

 There were also updates in the MCU “Chrisis,” otherwise known as the crisis of too many actors named Chris in the MCU being amazing at the same time.

 First: Chris Hemsworth got a twitter and hosted Saturday Night Live.



 Second: Chris Pratt and Chris Evans went to Seattle Children’s Hospital and the photos  posted on their Facebook page are amazing. These two are my favorites:





 Ow, my ovaries.


Speaking of ovaries, this may be the last week we see Agent Carter on the Tumblr fandometrics, and this makes me very sad.



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 In honor of Women’s History Month, in addition to the variant covers by female comics artists, Marvel just added a bunch of new female playable characters in their games.

 You’re welcome.