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I return! Like a bad penny. Or Cassie Lang, because everyone agrees her death was basically fridging and stupid anyway.

And now without further ado: This week(ish) in Marvel

Above the Fold

Probably the biggest headline, but just in case you missed it, Marvel and Sony have finally reached a joint custody agreement over Spider-Man, and fancasting is running rampent in the reboot, with Tumblr darling Dylan O’Brien being one of the frequently (and predictably) most prevelent–but thanks to this tumblr post preserving a series of tweets by Adam Murray currently circulating with more than 125,000  notes, and this tongue-in-cheek post circulating with more than 12,000 notes, Osric Chau is also a frontrunner with some beautiful accompanying photoshops, like this artwork by Tumblr user dahliasheng:


Also this piece by Tumblr user salazarsslytherin:


On My Radar

 Quick link dump of Marvel-related news that came across my twitter feed or Facebook.

  • In other MCU news, everyone is freaking out over Ryan Reynolds tweeting this picture of the Deadpool mask prototype.
  • Valentine’s Day may have been last week, but this infographic created by WebHostingBuzz mapping all the romantic relationships in the Marvel Universe is timeless, and amazing.

Conclusion: Everybody Loves the tiny, grumpy, Canadian.

  • Samuel L. Jackson talked to MTV News for some reason. Mostly about how awesome the MCU is, and how he’s just as confused as everyone else as to why DC completely fails to make their characters relatable for movie audiences. Also, he wants to pull an Orphan Black and play every character.  I’d let him.


I’m sure you’ve all missed keeping tabs on how the beloved Marvel fandoms are tracking on Tumblr. Now that I am officially taking over, for Ivy, I’m going to be lazy and just screencap the tables rather than analyzing them for you. You guys are smart. You know how to read them.



 Saved the Best for Last

As a follow up to my previous Mighty Marvel Monday post, here are pics from Chris Pratt’s Facebook page of Chris Evans and Chris Pratt making good on their Superbowl bet.




You’re welcome.