INSPIRE! Toronto International Book Fair Won’t Be Making A 2015 Comeback

Those who organize the event cited that the decision to not return was due to being unable “to secure a timely commitment from exhibitors”. This isn’t a surprise given that the turnout for last year’s fair was far less than what many of the publishers were it would be. That of course played a major role in whether or not the price for exhibiting at the Convention Centre (especially for small publishers) as well as the time was worth it all. The lack of mainstream marketing played a huge role in getting people to the fair since many had no idea it was happening. The timing of it was also tricky given that Sunday was the Santa Claus parade which had taken many of the families from the fair.

Harper Lee Is Very Much Happy For Sequel

After people like me were wondering out loud if Harper Lee was being taken advantaged of, Lee gave a statement to her lawyer that she was indeed NOT being taken advantage of by lawyers & others. Who knows? Maybe she is genuinely thrilled and consented to the book’s publication. I’ll just ask Lee herself in a letter forwarded to her lawyer…

Weinstein Books Thinks The YA Book Its Publishing Will Be A Hit

The publishing house behind “The Haunting of Sunshine Girl,” a debut young-adult novel by YouTube star Paige McKenzie, has upped its first print order to more than 100,000, Media Ink has learned.

I’ve never been a fan of people telling me a particular book will be a hit since it often ends up being a standard [insert genre/market] book that was made to be turned into a better film version of itself. *shrugs* If it sounds good to you guys, read it.

The Casual Vacancy Gets an Air Date and A New Ending

Part 1 & 2 will come out on HBO on Wednesday, April 29th at 8PM and Part 3 will come out Thursday, April 30th at 8PM. Also, the miniseries will get a new ending that’s different from the books. This fact makes me sad because the book’s ending felt fitting. I’ll reserve judgement until after, I guess.

Early Reviews say 50 Shades Better Than The Book…

…which wouldn’t be all that difficult to be honest. I think if you made drastic changes to the whole thing but kept the kinky sex, fans of the books would hardly bat an eye. The book itself is poorly written and is about a very toxic relationship that doesn’t KNOW it’s toxic with a very damaged and controlling man. So if you had an average written script, decent acting and a relationship that didn’t scream abuse! then I think you’re ahead of the curve.

You by Caroline Kepnes Being Developed by Showtime

…published in September by Atria/Emily Bestler Books and packaged by Alloy Entertainment, You is described as a 21st century love story about the obsessive yet brilliant twentysomething Joe Goldberg who uses the hyper-connected digital age to make the woman of his dreams fall in love with him.

The project will involve superhero whisperer, Greg Berlanti (Arrow/The Flash), and Sara Gamble (Supernatural) who will both write and produce the show with Berlanti possibly directing the first episode. It’s described as a psychological thriller.

Hot Damn! Hilary Mantel is a Dame

Hilary Mantel has been made a dame by the Prince of Wales for her services to literature.

Woot! This is awesome. My life’s goal now is to be a dame but will they grant it to me based on my thoughts on why Team Flash should stop kidnapping bad guys and putting them in their super duper science basement prison? I didn’t think so.