In Princess Power, Barbie’s latest animated movie, she plays Princess Kara who is kissed by a magical bug and gains all kinds of super powers and becomes SUPER SPARKLE! Being Barbie, she uses her powers for all kinds of good, from rescuing stranded sailors, to stopping time, to fixing bad hair cuts. Barbie invites young girls to join her Super Squad and be bold, be kind, be creative, and be super by designing their very own super hero princesses and comics.

My daughters, ages nine and six checked it out. They already know their way around these toy-based game sites, so they had no trouble figuring out the steps required to design their own heroes. My six-year-old designed Blue Wing, above left, who has ice powers, and my nine-year-old came up with Phoenix, who controls fire. (I refrained from busting into a long history of the Phoenix entity and expressing all my Jean Grey and Rachel Summers feels … they’ve heard it all before anyway.)

They weren’t particularly impressed with the character design’s limited offerings. While the various capes did earn a “cool” rating, they were disappointed that they could only choose from four hairstyles and a few colours. And there was no variation in the main costume itself. Granted, my kids have designed their own characters in games like DC Universe Online, where you can choose everything from eye brow style to tattoo designs. They frequently help me design my own characters and express their disapproval for my preference for scars and bald headed females. In other words, Barbie’s comic maker is pretty basic by their elevated standards, and they quickly lost interest after the character creation process.

Fortunately, my fellow WWAC ladies picked up my daughters’ slack and have come up with their own brilliant Barbie superhero comics for today’s Art Gala. Be sure to check out Barbie’s Comic Maker yourself and share your mission in the comments!


It’s the adventures of superheroines – The Bee, real name A.J. and her alien friend Grasshopper! One day, A.J., an entomologist and her bff Renee, a physicist, were goofing off in the lab and opened a portal to another world where they gained superpowers and met Grasshopper. Grasshopper helped them back out and ended up stuck on Earth. Together, The Bee and Grasshopper fight evil and save pets!

The story of TJ and her puppy pal Rory begins on a bright summer afternoon. TJ had been cruising along the sky, happy to see the city so quiet, when–

“Hey, leave that puppy alone!” she cried out.

Quick as lightning, TJ dove down to rescue the puppy she’d spotted from mean bullies. But it was too late–for the bullies, that is. The puppy had scared them away with its supersonic bark!

Now, TJ and Rory like to fly around the world together, content with each other for companions.


BARBIE! Barbie woke up one day, and she felt strong. REAL strong. “FLEX!!”, she cried, flexing away from the camera!

A thought occurred to her. She crouched down to think it. “Hmmm. I could use this… use this to make money. Bags of money. So I can retire and live like I’m old, only young! And glamorous!”

Barbie called her manager.


“Power Princesses ASSEMBLE!” shouted Barbie into the comms. “The elusive White Rabbit has been spotted!”

Kill It With Fire and Butterfly Blaster sprang into action and followed Barbie’s directions into the stinking sewers beneath the city.

“We don’t get paid enough for this shit,” muttered Kill It With Fire.


Barbie and Tasha save some people from a sinking boat. In between saving lives, kicking butt and taking names, they contemplate some philosophical questions about the world they live in and their roles in it. Maybe they get Starbucks on the way to foiling a plot. Who knows? Their catchphrase?

“Wanna know what it’s like to get punched “like a girl”?”