A Slice of Apple Pie: Date Night With WWAC


Maybe there’s a universe somewhere, let’s call it Earth-1127, where I’m myself but somehow single. If Loki fell into that universe in his Agent of Asgard incarnation, he would be my dream Valentine’s date. He could cook me a nice dinner and then [imagine a sexy fanfic, but with good grammar and spelling].

panel from Thor and Loki The Tenth Realm #1, Jason Aaron, Al Ewing, Simone Bianchi, Lee Garbett, Nolan Woodard, Marvel Comics 2014

Relaxing in that henley shirt, are you kidding me? I’m not made of stone, people.

But if a comic book character crossed over into THIS universe just in time for Valentine’s Day, I’d like it to be Steve Rogers. I’ve been happily married for 12 years and am not looking for outside romance, but we rarely do anything for Valentine’s Day and my husband won’t even be home until later that evening. But he’s awesome and wouldn’t care if I made dinner (and I’ve already established what I would make — that meatloaf is seriously the greatest) and had a nice evening’s conversation with Steve; there’s probably nobody Jeremy trusts more than me and Captain America.

panel from Original Sin #1, Jason Aaron, Mike Deodato, Frank Martin, Marvel Comics 2014

Maybe sometimes he DOESN’T want to tell war stories with Nick Fury, Sr. at dinner.

I’d make sure it was a conversation rather than an interview, but I want to talk to Steve about things like his philosophy on his personal brand of superheroism. How does he decide when it’s time to take action, and what action to take? What are his biggest concerns? And I’d want to hear his thoughts about the incredible swath of history he’s lived through. Most of us don’t get to grow up, put everything on pause for 70 years, and then check back in to see what’s happening. He seems like a thoughtful, introspective person, and I want to know how he feels about pretty much everything. I’m sure we’d talk about less heady stuff too, like his favorite movies, or what he likes to read. We probably could have a grand old time talking about our experiences with chronic illness!

Maybe we could take a nice walk around the neighborhood with my dogs. My darling monsters can drag me down the street way too easily, but I’m guessing Steve can handle them better. I have a feeling his general presence would set them on their best behavior.

And that’s it! Nothing racy. I just want to be good friends.

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  1. I love that you get all racy with Loki and then have a buddy day with the Cap. Love these dates 🙂

    • That’s in the reality where I’m not already married! Although it could be this reality if Elvira, Mistress of the Dark showed up at the same time to run off with my husband for the evening. (She counts, she’s been in comics.)

      And I don’t know that I really feel that way about Steve. It’s complicated.

      • I approve of your husband’s taste in female comic characters. 😀 I love Elvira – she’s so campy and irreverent.