The DC Daily Planet: The Day DC Done Right


Let’s be real: there is no DC news today but THE DC NEWS: that, though a good chunk of the titles will stay in place and continuity, the n52 is coming to an end in June, with the launch of 24 new titles and a slew of new creative teams. Among the titles announced?

STARFIRE, with the incredible team of Palmiotti, Conner, and Emanuela Lupacchino. Not only does she get a book, she gets a whole new look!

Starfire #1 Amanda Conner Jimmy Palmiotti DC Comics June 2015BLACK CANARY, written by Batgirl and Gotham Academy‘s Brendan Fletcher and drawn by the amazing Annie Wu:

Black Canary #1 Annie Wu Irene Koh Brendan Fletcher DC Comics June 2015We’ll also get series for Cyborg and Midniter! Female-led titles, POC-led titles, a gay lead…it seems DC has not only listened to and learned from criticism, and they’re actively choosing to broaden their horizons. More than that, they’re also hiring a wider range of creators, increasing representation both in the real and fictional universe.

Good for them. There are a lot of days when it’s tough to be a DC fan, but not today! Turns out Gail Simone was right — like that’s a surprise.

What part of this announcement are you most pumped for, crusaders? Tell me, tell me! Either here, or on Twitter!


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  1. I… actually CARE about these DC announcements? What’s happening? Help me, Laura, I’m confused.

    • Right?? I don’t usually care about the big two, but this is exciting, and I am loving Wu’s drawing of Black Canary!